When you gaze into the gllittering nightsky you can see stars which you think are alive, but they are dead as dead can be and thery are as cold as cold can be. Only their light continues to come to us  from the farthest depths of space (speed of light- 300 000 KM per. sek.).   
And likewise, at this very moment on some distant stars, you are like you were several years earlier on the planet Earth. Is it possible, for example, that on the Moon you can be seen reading the beginning of this sentence? After all light takes only one and a half seconds to travel this distance. And you in turn do not see things as they actually are on the Moon, but how they were one and a half seconds earlier. 
<__1.Planet Earth 
<__2.The Divine Birth Sphere of a 20 000 year old inhabitant of Planet Earth. 
(.) - (:) x (..) ={.:.} 
(.)   ________todday's date 
(:)   ________date of brith 
(..)  ________speed of light (300 000 km/s) 
Follow the first ritual step - enter your bate of birth in the table and find out the distance to the sphere where your birth is now being witnessed - The Divine Birth Sphere.
Your Age please: Example: (november 1,1966)
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