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The dates of the annual sound art festival SOUND DAYS have been announced – it will take place from May 25–28, 2016 in Liepaja, Latvia. The program will include two audiovisual performance nights, two workshops, a conference and an exhibition.

May 25 and 26, 2016

Soundscapes that never where
Led by Ģirts Edvarts Stepiņš

A workshop for creating cinematic soundscapes by sound artist and musician Ģirts Edvarts Stepiņš.

Take from the online realm, record your own (we have good mics), or blast them together to re-interpret, reimagine and create new sonic realms, dialogues or movies without picture.

We will be using audacity and different flavours of open source effects software to fuse together sounds from different sources, to either create complete and new sonic abstractions or sound-driven narrative pieces (like a twisted dramatic radio variation).

The result of the workshop will be a collective sound peace (or more) created by workshop participants.

Electric Sound Making Workshop
Led by Krista Dintere

Workshop in two days divided in two parts. Let's use our creative potential, open mind, hands and ears to MAKE and create SOUND.

MAKE part of the workshop will deal with soldering, transforming and bending devices for capturing, manipulating and bending the Universe of sound. The goal - to understand something new about the birth, travelling and connections between sound and electric circuits.

In SOUND part of the workshop the participants will be using the made experimental sound devices to create a collaborative sound experience, making compositional decisions to choose the space and time for each sound in the soundscape.

The result of the workshop will be a collective semi-improvised performance with the instruments made during the workshop.

Visualising Sounds
Led by Anna Meldrāja

Workshop about making and creating visualisations for audio-visual performances. In the workshop you will look and try out different techniques and methods for creating visualisations.

The result of the workshop depends on the participants but the goal is to make visualisations for the performances on May 27, 2016. More detailed information about the workshop is coming soon!

You can apply for the workshops until May 20, 2016 - send us your application to

May 26 – 28, 2016

The exhibition will be mainly sound installations by young media and sound artists from Liepaja, Latvia and Canada and workshop results created by participants and lecturers. The works will look at sound as a material in art, it's characteristics, physicality, role in culture and technology or as a way of expressing ideas and concepts. The curators of the exhibition will be Rolands Kronlaks and Shawn Pinchback (CA).

The opening of the exhibition will take place on May 26, 2016 at 18.00. It will remain on view on May 27 and 28 with the public tours guided by artists.

May 26 and 27, 2016

SOUND NIGHT 1: Open performance night N x 20
May 26, 2016 at 19.00

"N x 20" will be a performance night by our festival guests and participants. The format is a short 20 minute performance that is an experimental sound performance show. The full programme of the show will be announced two weeks before the festival and new artists will be added every week until that.

You can send your proposal for the show - a short description about your performance and a short BIO, also if you have some recordings or videos – to

Some of the current participants are young and evolving sound and media artists from Latvia and Canada: the “text-to-speech-core” / media art project "Alicethegrease". By looking at the current tendencies in popular and internet culture they introduce audience with their viewpoint through various media such as audio, video, images etc, "Dance&Bend" is a performance duo that plays experimental electronic music and their sound is a combination of low frequencies, broken rhythm, and abstract melodies; every performance is an improvisation, therefore - unique. Girts Edvarts Stepins will create a live, interactive and improvised performance that will result in a sound peace created by audience during the performance, also young media artists from Canada will participate with their performance.

SOUND NIGHT 2: Live electronic music concert
May 27, 2016 at 20.00

The live electronic music concert are experimental performances by sound artists and musicians such as Karlis Vitols, Shawn Pinchback (CA), VOID and Andris Indans ; and it will be opened with a special short programme  of sound compositions made by young sound artists in Liepaja, curated by lecturer and composer Rolands Kronlaks and sound artist Artis Kuprišs.

May 27, 2016

The seminar will include talks and presentations by various sound artists and researchers such as Rolands Kronlaks, Andris Indāns and Shawn Pinchback. There will also be short presentation programme by young artists from Latvia and Canada, lecturers, researchers and other professionals.

We welcome short proposals (300 w.) for your presentation or short demonstration regarding topics of sound as a material, acoustics of sound, archeology of sound and technology, perception theories to

May 27, 2016

The sound day for families and children will be short workshops by sound and media artists Krista Dintere and Maija Demitere showing and teaching different methods of creating and recording sound, it's physicality and materiality in simple and playful way.

Also, there will be an excursion lead by artists and festival organisers. The workshops and demonstrations are open also for people of all ages that are interested in the basics of sound and how it can be perceived.


The festival is organised by E-LAB Center for Electronic Art and Media in collaboration with the Art Research Lab MPlab of Liepaja University and RIXC Center of New Media Culture.

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For more information and inquiries please write to or, or call +371 28362725 (Paula Vitola).

FESTIVAL VENUE: Cultural Center WIKTORIJA, Graudu iela 36/38, Liepaja, Latvia
FESTIVAL DATES: May 26–28, 2016

Support: State Culture Capital Foundation of LatviaLiepaja Municipality institution "Culture Department", EU Program "Creative Europe"


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