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Guilty Landscapes. Episode I

Dries Verhoeven

Every night the news report on natural disasters, wars and degrading working conditions. Every day we can feel uneasy by the confrontation with alleged poverty and despair. But is the news camera neutral? Whether they want it or not, the filmed are framed as victims but the socially overconscious spectator is swept away in a whirlpool of guilt and shame.

With the large-scale video installation Guilty Landscapes, the Dutch artist Dries Verhoeven brings the reality of uncomfortable news images dangerously close. He poses the question whether a personal connection between the viewer and the viewed is possible. What if the protagonists of the news look us straight in the eyes? Through livestreaming Dries Verhoeven organises a one-to-one encounter with the ‘victim’ at the other end of the world.

“As simple as it is refined, as deceptive as it is genuine. (…) Your feelings of guilt are jolted by the unexpected proximity during this first episode of Verhoeven’s series Guilty Landscapes.” Annette Embrechts, Volkskrant

The work can be experienced by one person at a time. Ticket can be purchased for each half an hour. Please arrive at the beginning of the time slot shown on ticket and reserve 30 minutes altogether. Entrance – every ten minutes on first come first served basis.

November 7 – 16.00-20.00; November 8 – 12.00-20.00; Tickets can be purchased at

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