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Today we live in a globalized world that is controlled and created by digital codes. From communication to transportation (of people, goods, and messages), everything is guided by codes. Mathematics and mechanics have created a new tool-based world, erected by engineers, physicists, and programmers.

Artworks and scientific works based on digital as well as on analog codes are presented in the exhibition. The works visualize and explain the complex dynamics of codes, and the way in which they are increasingly shaping the way we live and perceive the world. The exhibition analyzes the ingress of codes into our lives, and the structures of knowledge they generate.

Biotricity by Rasa and Raitis Smiti is an art and science research project that uses negotiations with living microorganisms for free electricity. Since 2012 RIXC artists, together with scientists, have experimented with MFCs (microbial fuel cells) – a next generation bio-technology. We make sonifications of bacterial activity in dark gallery spaces, host public DIY workshops on how to build bacteria cells, and install bio-energy 'power-stations' outdoors in ponds. Bacteria, who live in dirty water, waste, soil, inside of our bodies, that is, everywhere where they can 'eat' organic matter and where there is nearly no oxygen, release free electrons. Biotricity interprets this “bacteria fuel” process in video and sound structures, providing an aesthetic perspective on the interaction between nature and technology, biologic systems and electronic networks, biology and computing.


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