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On October 22 and 23 will take place a kickoff meeting Nordic/Baltic Network called State of the Art with RIXC and partners. In October 2018 a group of around twenty-five artists, writers, researchers and art organisations came together in Silkeborg / Denmark, to discuss the role of art and multidisciplinary collaborations in the light of the current global ecological crises. This three day gathering which was named ‘STATE OF THE ART - a multidisciplinary collaboration facing the Anthropocene’ was initiated by The Independent Air and created in collaboration with the Bioart Society, The Posthumanities Hub and Laboratory for Aesthetics and Ecology. At you can read more about the participants and find video documentation.

Motivated by the results and enthusiasm of the initial collaboration, the State of the Art steering group composed of Line Thastum/Independent AIR, Marietta Radomska/Posthumanities Hub, Maija Savolainen, Ananda Serné and Erich Berger/Bioart Society continued to develop the collaboration into a large Nordic/Baltic network which is now about to start its three year program with Mari Keski-Korsu from the Bioart Society as project manager. In this three year program, the State of the Art see themselves as a thriving Nordic/Baltic transdisciplinary network of artists, practitioners, researchers and organisations who discuss the role, responsibility and potential of art and culture in the Anthropocene. By developing creative practices, transdisciplinary collaborations and public engagement the State of the Art aim to create resilience and concrete actions on how to live the change in culture, economy and environment and find concrete, hands-on methods to deal with the Anthropocene and environmental crisis. The meeting will feature an introduction of the network program and activities, as well as a discussion of how participants can collaborate and participate in it.


Network members:

Development Group

Erich Berger, Bioart Society/FI

Marietta Radomska, The Posthumanities Hub /SE

Line Thastum, The Independent AIR /DK

Maija Savolainen, artist /FI

Ananda Serne, artist /NO


Continuing members

Andrea Pontoppidan / LabAE /DK

Andreas Vermehren Holm /DK

David Breida /SE

Cecilia Åsberg /The Posthumanities Hub /SE

Christian Danielewitz /DK

Ingrid Storholmen /NO

Jan van Boeckel, /SE

Janna Holmstedt, KTH /SE

Jonas Gren /SE

Lotte Christensen /DK

Pauliina Leikas & Robin Everett/ Mustarinda /FI

Silja Henderson /DK

Sissel Thastum & Stinus Duch / The Independent Air /DK

Tinna Gretarsdottir / Chill Survive Network /IS

Veronika Geiger /DK

Pia Lindman / Chill Survive Network /FI


New members

Marianne Savallamppi / MIF /FI

Jussi T. Eronen and Mika A. Mannien Helsinki Institute for Sustainability Science /FI

Antti Tenetz, regional artist Northern Ostrobotnia /FI

Laura Beloff, Aalto Univ. /FI

Andy Best and Merja Puustinen with catamaran Godzilla /FI

Timo Toots / Maajaam /EE

Rasa and Raitis Smits / RIXC /LV

Mindaugas Gaspevic / Instituto Media /LT

Hege Tapio / I/Olab /NO

Annike Flo / NOBA /NO

Susanne Winterling, Trondheim Art Academy /NO

Åsa Ståhl & Kristina Lindström / Unmakingstudio /SE

Danielle Wilde, Univ Southern Denmark /DK

Jón Sonni Jensen /FO

Guðbjörg R. Jóhannesdóttir, Univ. of Iceland /IS

Dr. Þorvarður Árnason Hornafjordur Research Center /IS

Mikkel Myrup / Greenland National Museum /GL not c.


+371 67228478 (office)

+371 26546776 (Rasa Smite)