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Martins Vizbulis. “+371 28649002”, 2021. Photo: Kristīne Madjare

Before closing, the “+371 28649002” exhibition by Martins Vizbulis is open for individual visits! We invite you to visit the exhibition during the working hours of the RIXC Gallery, from Wednesday to Saturday, from 12.00 to 18.00! The artist has created smart artworks that you can call with the technological solutions support offered by the LMT company and giving an opportunity to everyone to make an interactive "conversation" with them.

For several years the passion of the artist is the studies of microcontrollers and various sensors. When the artist started several practical experiments with a SIM card module, he concluded that a SIM card module can successfully replace a WiFi absence, it will be the heart of his artworks. Each artwork is equipped with SIM cards and they are operated by phone calls – everyone can interact with artworks with their phones, creating an opportunity for mutual communication, creating a sort of a database. Perhaps, similar smart artworks soon will be available in the smart houses, where next to a robotized conversation partner, there will be an artwork only a phone call away.

Martins Vizbulis. “+371 28649002”, 2021. Photo: Kristīne Madjare

 Artworks do not have any titles – they are anonymous and they are identified by phone numbers. The exhibition consists of three artworks – you can call the "+371 2 8610046" artwork in Latvian and the "+371 2 8610046" artwork in English, as well as each visitor can (and it’s even preferable) make a call to some of their contacts. However, all the visitors will be welcome to call the beverage vending machine artwork (in English) titled  "+371 2 6663413" and receive free drinks, including the apple wine made by the artist himself.

Martins Vizbulis is an artist who has graduated from the Riga College of Applied Arts, Department of Wood Sculpting (2001) and has graduated with a Bachelor’s degree (2004) and Master’s degree (2007) from the Visual Communication Department in the Art Academy of Latvia. The artist is the head of the Department of Environmental Art in the Department of Design, in the Art Academy of Latvia. Simultaneously to his studies at the Visual Communication Department, the artist also started his work of arranging the exhibition expositions, something that he continues to do today. Martins Vizbulis has participated in arranging five Latvian state expositions and one parallel art event at the Venice Art Biennale; he is the author of arranging expositions for all Purvītis Prize art exhibitions, as well as other large expositions. The author has created expositions for such foreign artists as James Benning, Jonas Mekas, Christian Boltanski, and Braco Dimitrijević.

In his art practice, the artist has exhibited his artworks at the "Jukas" group exhibition in the LNMM "Arsenals" exhibition hall in 2005, at the “Waves” group exhibition in the LNMM "Arsenals" exhibition hall in 2006, and at the “Time Will Show – Junge Kunst aus Lettland” group exhibition in Flensburg, Germany, in 2008. Even then, the artist's works were very much about technology. What would characterize these artworks in the "hashtags" are: sound, waves, time, interference, communication.

Opening hours: Wednesday-Saturday, 12.00-18.00.
The exhibition is open until May 15.

Please apply for individual visits by calling and writing (SMS, Whatsapp) to +371 25358541 (Līva Siliņa) by writing to

Phone calls with artworks are also available remotely by calling them during the opening hours of the gallery:
LV - "+371 2 8610046"
ENG - "+371 2 5468729"
Beverage vending machine artwork ENG - "+371 2 6663413"

Documentation of the artworks and a 360-degree exhibition video tour on the RIXC virtual gallery:

The latest information on the RIXC website and


Support: State Culture Capital Foundation of Latvia,  the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Latvia.

The telecommunications of the exhibition artworks are supported by the Latvijas Mobilais Telefons.

Many thanks to Rižskij Samogon,, Gāgas Āboli, Konstantīns Višņevskis, Uldis Brūns, Einārs Cintiņš / 3S, Palmer group, Posmaster.


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