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Apply today for the online closing event of the international Augmented Europe project

The event will feature a presentation and concert program with the Italian musician David Blank.

Deadline extended! Apply today by 18:00 here.

14.06.2021. / Apply by 12.06.

Online / Zoom

The Atmospheric Forest installation by Rasa Smite and Raitis Smits at the Purvitis Prize 2021 exhibition

The museum is open! Visit the immersive two-channel installation from June 4!


Latvian National Museum of Art

The Robot NaoMi at the RIXC "Connected/Nest" Residence Exhibition Learns to Take Care of Living Beings

The robot NaoMi is learning to hatch birds' eggs and become a co-creator of new life at the exhibition. Visit the robot by June 19! The closing event on June 18.

Until June 19 / Opening at 27.05.2021.

RIXC Gallery, Lenču iela 2

Young sound artists are invited to apply for online lecture, workshop and paid concert programme "BURN_SLOW"!

Apply for the online programme of the skill-sharing workshops, lectures and concerts, as well as the competition for the young sound artists – BURN_SLOW. Nordic-Baltic Sound and Radio Art for Mental Well-Being!

Listen to the lectures without previous registration here on May 21.

Register here for the skill-sharing workshops on May 22.

21.-22.maijs, 2021


Watch the educational and inspiring master classes online on new media art

MPLab organizes online masterclasses on laser scanning, photogrammetry, sound art and creative programming.

Watch all the recordings of masterclasses here.

March 3rd and 17th / 18.30 – 20.30


Apply for individual visits at the “+371 28649002” exhibition by Martins Vizbulis in the physical space at the RIXC Gallery

The exhibition is open! Visit the exhibition by May 15 and enjoy free drinks as well as have a chat with the "fake" AI!


RIXC gallery, Lenču iela 2

RIXC "Climate Change, Art and Isolation" ideathon – watch online!

Listen to the lectures on art, creativity, and DIY cultures, watch artist workshops and discussions on social and ecological issues! Watch online.

26.03.21 at 13:00 (Riga time)


The artist Silvia Rosani at the EMAP / EMARE residence hosted by RIXC

We are happy to announce that from March 26th, the Italian artist Silvia Rosani is going to create her new electronic sound artwork at the EMAP / EMARE residence hosted by RIXC!


DEADLINE EXTENDED! Apply for the MADE Group ideathon for youths on the creative future startups and entrepreneurship by April 16th!

Apply here for the Creative Opportunities for Youth – The New Age of Startups & Social Media ideathon and join discussions and workshops with creative business representatives.

April 17 at 13:00 (Riga time) / Apply by April 16, 18:00

Online / Zoom

ASTE and MPLab online exhibition – “Art Extends Lives”

Discover eleven works of media and sound art in a virtual space:



The Virtual Opening of the +371 28649002 Exhibition by Martins Vizbulis

The author of the exhibition Martins Vizbulis and curator – Raitis Smits will introduce the exhibition artworks and their creation process.

Call some of the three exhibition artworks by May 15, from Wednesday to Saturday, 12.00–15.00:
LV - "+371 2 8610046"
ENG - "+371 2 5468729"
Beverage vending machine artwork ENG - "+371 2 6663413"

26.02.2021. From 19.00 to19.40

Online / Zoom

RIXC invites to the opening of a new virtual art platform and an immersive excursion

Artist and curator Raitis Smits will guide an immersive excursion on the new RIXC virtual art platform

05.02.2021. from 13.00 to 13.40

Online / Zoom

Atmospheric Forest artwork by Rasa Smite and Raitis Smits is nominated for Purvitis Prize 2021

The immersive artwork has been chosen as one of the eight nominees for the Purvitis Prize 2021!


Bacteria Battery Workshops and Lectures

How to make ‘bacteria batteries’ which produce electricity from microorganisms living in the mud and how can they become artworks? Watch online here.


29.01.2021. From 11 AM (EEST)


Lecture by Rasa Smite at the 'Real Virtuality' museum forum

The artist will explore the virtualities and realities, as well as the new art experience in the immersive space.

Registration for the forum in Zoom has closed; the lecture recording will be on view on LMB YouTube channel. 10:30

Order Now! 40 % Discounts for All RIXC Books!

Order any books via directly from RIXC Publishing and get 40% discount – see full prices at (plus postal costs).


Discounts are available unitl Feb 28, 2021

Season's Greetings and Happy Holidays Wishes from RIXC!

We are greatful to all our contributors, supporters and visitors of this year's RIXC festival and exhibition events! We wish you a great success for the coming Year 2021, and you are kindly welcome to join us again for the next year! 


"Data-Driven Urban Infrastructure" Discussion on European Future

Rasa Smite participates in the discussion on European Future and Climate Change, organized by Karslruhe Institute for Technology.

December 22, 2020, 15.00-16.30

Online / KIT Karlsruhe, Germany

Atmospheric Forest Exhibition by Smite & Smits Re-Opens on Jan 31, 2021!

Visit the exhibition Atmospheric Forest after the winter holidays

Until 31.01.2021.

RIXC gallery, Lenču iela 2

RIXC participates in the 20-years Anniversary Symposium of St.Petersburg based MediaArtLab

Listen to the lecture by both artists and observe their Atmospheric Forest artwork online! Register here.

Symposium 16.12.2020, 6.p.m. (EEST, UTC +3)


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The robot NaoMi, Laima Grazdanovica, and Jurgis Peters

Visit the exhibition at the RIXC Gallery, Lencu iela 2, by June 19, Wednesday-Saturday, 12:00-18:00! 

Live stream of the daily progress of the robot in residence:

Video Documentation

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