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Exhibition of the artist group Trihars (LiepU master’s study program’s graduates) at RIXC gallery, 2016. RIXC publicity photo.

Until August 7, it is possible to apply for the new joint master's study program “New Media and Audiovisual Art” by Liepaja University and RISEBA University of Applied Sciences. This program provides an opportunity to acquire new knowledge and skills not only for young artists, but for anyone interested in this program, including those that have already obtained a bachelor’s or master’s degree in other fields, but want enrich their knowledge in future fields related to creativity, innovation, technology, art, design and culture.

The program offers to learn the application of the latest technologies in the audiovisual arts and creative industries - from skills in more traditional media (video, sound, internet) to virtual and augmented reality, 360-degree video, immersive sound, gaming environments, multimedia performances, digital networks and data visualization.

Twelve years ago, Liepaja University, in cooperation with New Media Culture Center RIXC, established a new media art study program and MPLab (Art Research Laboratory) in Liepaja. Since then, the program has evolved to the level of master's and doctoral study program, and graduates are gaining international success, continuing their studies at Art Academy of Latvia, both in Europe and the USA, and actively participating in exhibitions in Latvia and international festivals in Europe, as well as establishing their own creative companies, creating video, animation, internet projects, audiovisual performances, sound and new media artworks, video projections at outdoor events and digital art objects in the urban environment.

This program is unique in Latvia as it uses creative and practice-based research to gain knowledge about the latest developments and development trends in new technologies and audiovisual media industries, contemporary art and visual culture, the creative economy and society.

Two study specializations are available at Liepaja University - “Digital Art and Immersive Media” and “Sound Art and Electronic Music”, where it is possible to study at the expense of the state budget (5 places), studying at personal expense (5 places). However, RISEBA University offers studies in the following two study specializations - “Audiovisual Media Art” and “Multimedia Performing Arts”, where you can study at your own expense (10 places). Tuition fee, if studying for personal funds, is 3100 EUR per year.

Application for study specializations at Liepaja University

To apply for the study specializations “Digital Art and Immersive Media” and “Sound Art and Electronic Music” at Liepaja University, you must fill in the online questionnaire: It is also possible to apply for studies in person.

In the “Report” section of the online questionnaire, one file must be attached, which reflects the application of the master's topic (up to 1 A4 page) and the artistic portfolio (up to 5 works selected).

The master's topic application can be created in a free form, at your own discretion. May include the possible title of the research, description of the idea, topicality, description of the planned or desired result (of the artwork), sketches, etc. parts.

Up to 5 artworks must be presented in the portfolio review, including photo documentation of the artwork, description, if necessary, a link to a video or website. If the work of art has been created in collaboration with other people, you must indicate your individual contribution.

Entrance examination (online interview) on August 10

The entrance exam will take place on August 10 online via MS Teams. If necessary, it is possible to agree on an individual entrance exam time and another type of communication if MS Teams is not available. During the entrance exam you will have to present your master's thesis application and portfolio, answer the questions of the admission commission.

Registration for entrance exams

The registration fee for one selected study program (priority) is 30 EUR, for each subsequent option added - an additional 10 EUR. The registration fee must be transferred to the LiepU bank account with the indication: “for submitting an application for registration for studies”. Orphans and group 1 disabled people are exempt from the registration fee.

LiepU details for application payment: When applying for studies online, the payment order must be attached to the completed application form (at the end). When applying for studies in person, the payment order must be taken with you.

Full information about the registration fee is available here:

More information about applying to RISEBA University

In the study specializations “Audiovisual Media Art” and “Multimedia Performing Arts” administered by the RISEBA University of Applied Sciences, documents are accepted online until the beginning of studies - the beginning of September. The application and portfolio of the master's thesis topic must be submitted. Further information and registration:


For questions and communication:

+ 371-26546776, - Professor Rasa Šmite, Director of the study program at the University of Liepaja

+ 371-25618534 - - Jānis Holšteins, Director of the study program at RISEBA University

+ 371-29948430, - lecturer Maija Demitere, assistant of the directors of the study program

+ 371-26190339 - Secretary of the LiepU Admission Commission


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+371 26546776 (Rasa Smite)