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Merry Winter Solstice and Happy New Year 2019!

Merry Winter Solstice and Happy New Year 2019!

The "Smart Garden" exhibition by Alvis Misjuns will be open until January 26, 2019.

Photo: Alvis Misjuns "Farm"


Call for Proposals! UN/GREEN, COM/POST/HUMAN, N/AI, Open Fields 2019 Conference and RIXC Festival 2019 Exhibition

CfP: DEADLINE for Conference Proposal submissions: February 15, 2019
Apply Now! 


SMART GARDEN. The Exhibition by Alvis Misjuns at RIXC Gallery

Welcome to the exhibition, during which the artist will bring the visitors into the journy through the Virtual Reality garden...

Open until Jan 26, 2018, closed Dec 23-26 and Dec 30-Jan 1

RIXC Gallery, Lencu iela 2, Riga, LV-1010

Call for Applications for the Doctoral Study Programme in New Media Art

Liepaja University (Liepaja, Latvia) calls for applications to its doctoral study programme in “New Media Art". The deadline for submitting the application form is December 20, 2018.


CITY OF SCIENCE: AI IN EVERYDAY LIFE: by Lev Manovich, Rasa Smite, Anca Ţenea

The integration of AI into the everyday lives of billions raises important questions about the future of culture, aesthetics, and taste. 

Thursday, 29.11.2018, 6pm-7.45pm WILL BE LIVE STREAMED

Graduate Center, CUNY, New York

Call for EMAP 2019 Artist Residencies in Europe

The new European Media Art Platform offers residencies for emerging (mostly though not exclusively) media artists.

DEADLINE EXTENDED: December 10, 2018, residency within April and August 2019

Residencies in 11 European Art Centers and Laboratories

RIXC Takes Part in Rencontres Bandits-Mages Festival / EMAP in Bourges

Reality has become unsteady, slipping through our fingers. How to get a hold of it…

November 15–18, 2018

Bourges, France

DIGITAL ART AND ARCHIVING. Lecture by Raitis Smits at MIT

Raitis Smits, artist, researcher, RIXC curator, and ACT lecturer, will talk about his research in digital art preservation, key strategies, and main practices.

Thursday, 15.11.2018, 12.30 – 14.45

deRoth Room, 2nd floor, MIT (E15) Wiesner Building, 20 Ames St, Cambridge, MA 02142

The GLOBAL CONTROL AND CENSORSHIP Ends the Progam of RIXC Art Science Festival

The exhibition aims to expand public debate about hte ever-present surveillance and censorship methods. Exhibition curators: Bernhard Serexhe and Livia Nolasco-Rozsas.

Open until October 21, 2018

The National Library of Latvia, Riga

KISSING DATA European Media Art Residency Artists' Exhibition in RIXC Gallery

The installation by Karen Lancel and Hermen Maat has been partly produced during RIXC residency in Riga, Latvia, in the framework of EMAP/EMARE, European Media Art Residency platform project. 

8.09.2018–21.10.2018, 12.00-18.00 (Mon.–Sat., Sun.closed)

RIXC Gallery, Lencu iela 2

FLUCTUATIONS OF MICROWORLDS by Smite & Smits at Eco-Visionaries Exhibition

The Eco-Visionaries exhibition features 25 artworks, including the installation "The Flucturations of Microworlds" and VR "Swamp Radio"

29.08.2018 – 11.11.2018

HeK, House of Electronic Arts, Basel, Switzerland

Open Call for Latvian Artists' Exhibitions in RIXC Gallery 2019

This time the open call is for artists from Latvia only.

DEADLINE: November 20, 2018

VENUE: RIXC Gallery, Lenču iela 2, Riga. SUBMISSIONS by email


The exhibition aims to expand public debate about the ever-present surveillance and censorship methods.

DATES: Open until October 21, 2018

VENUE: The National Library of Latvia, Riga – Check the RIXC Festival "Global Control" Website and Program!

Check this year's RIXC festival website to find more info about the program and our amazing keynotes! 


White Night Forum – Kissing Data

Can you kiss on the internet? Dutch artists with participation performance "KISSING DATA" during the night will demonstrate how to translate the kiss and its intimacy in real time to data.

8.09.2018, 18.00 – 2.00

RIXC Gallery, Lencu iela 2

SWAMP RADIO WIRELESS at Ars Electronica Festival Exhibition

Swamp Radio new wirelss installation will be exhibited at this year's Ars Electronica festival.


Linz, Austria

MULTICOLOR REVOLUTIONS – Keynote by Bruce Sterling at the Opening of RIXC Festival

The "Global Control" festival will open with the keynote by Bruce Sterling, an American science fiction author

September 13, 2018, at 16.00

The National Library of Latvia, Riga

Opening of the "Objects in the reflection are closer than they appear" Exhibition

The exhibition feature 6 works, 5 of them in VR and one – in 3D graphics.

Opening – 23.08.2018. at 18.00, exhibition open until 1.09.2018.

RIXC Gallery, Lencu iela 2, Riga

Upcoming – RIXC Art Science Festival 2018

Early Bird registration is open – until August 25, 2018!

FESTIVAL DATES: September 13–15, 2018; opening on September 13, exhibition until October 21

Riga, Latvia

Welcome to Digital Compost and Apply for New Media Art Studies

Welcome to the "Digital Compost" exhibition – to see the artworks by New Media Art programme graduates.

Document submission (also online) – till August 17, 2018

Liepaja, Riga

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Alvis Misjuns

Exhibition in RIXC Gallery
Lenču iela 2, Riga

Open until 26.01.2019
Mon–Sat 12.00–18.00

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