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Thursday, May 3
12:30 – 2:00pm

Renewable Futures.
Art in the Age of Post-Media: Exploring Patterns for Social, Scientific and Ecological Transformations

Rasa Smite will discuss the transformative and visionary potential of art in the post-media age by tracing her earlier artistic experiments with new media together with Raitis Smits and RIXC — Internet radio and the Acoustic Space Lab in the Irbene Radiotelescope — and by introducing their more recent artworks such as Talk to Me, which explores human-plant communication, and Swamp Radio from the Biotricity series, which explores green energy poetics and creates immersive real-time experiences.

The artists’ engagement with building techno-ecological perspectives has also manifested in their organization of the annual RIXC Art and Science festivals in Riga; in publishing. e.g., Renewable Futures (RIXC, 2017); and in curating large-scale international exhibitions such as Fields (Riga, Latvia, 2014), which showed forty artworks, and brought together transdisciplinary thinking, scientific knowledge, social practices, transformative technologies, and new aesthetics.

Part of the Spring 2018 Artistic Research Luncheon Series.


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