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Acoustic Space Journal

When first "Acoustic Space" came out, internet in his artistic side, was in its most experimental phase. Edition introduces with projects, experiments and searches of internet radio in acoustic cyberspace. With these themes auditorium was previously introduced in second "Art+Communication" festival. In edition, key-note lecture, key note speaker, Eric Davis, lecture "Acoustic cyberspace" is included, which further became an inspiration to RIXC initiated, new global internet radio XCHANGE network development. Second "Art+Communication" festival was unique as well – that was first time, which was live-streamed in internet, by highlighting the rising of internet radio. 

“Acoustic Cyberspace. Xchange On-Air Session” an experimental new media art publication. Acoustic Space, Nr.1

Title: Acoustic Cyberspace. Xchange On-Air Session
Issue: Acoustic Space, Nr.1
Publisher: Riga : E-Lab / RIXC
Year: 1998
Editors (Authors): Raitis Smits, Rasa Smite
Description: The first published experimental issue of the legendary publication series "Acoustic Space", dedicated to the entry of new media art in Latvia and the Ars Electronica-awarded E-Lab/RIXC innovative internet sound art project Xchange.
Subject: Serial publication


ISSN: 1407-2858
Size: 104 pages
Collection: RIXC, The Center for New Media Culture
Media: Culture
Format medium: Paper
Type group: Text
Type: Continued Publication
Copyright: Authors
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