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ATMOSPHERIC EXPERIENCES exhibition at ONX Studio gallery in New York

March 16-17, 2023 / Presentation and reception 16.03, 6 PM

ONX Studio gallery, New York

"Smoulder". The Opening of Solo Exhibition by Rute Marta Jansone

Join the exhibition opening reception at the RIXC Gallery this Friday, March 10 at 18:00!

Opening: 10.03.2023. at 18:00 // 10.03.2023-06.05.2023.

RIXC Gallery, Lenču iela 2

Call for AUGE2 Online Artathon on "Media Literacy"!

RIXC offers a unique experience for 25 creative youngsters to participate in an international Media Literacy Arthathon, organized by MEET in Milan! Cash prize announced! Apply HERE!

15.03.2023. 11:00-15:00

Online on Zoom

Connecting New Media (P)arts EMAP Networking Conference 2023

Today, March 8 is the opening day of EMAP Networking Conference featuring presentations from all of the selected artists.
On March 9 from 16:00-20:00 Connecting New Media (P)arts, EMAP Networking Conference, Upper Stage & online via live stream.

Registration for the conference here

March 8-9. Thursday, March 9 from 16:00 - 20:00 (EMAP Networking Conference)

Upper Stage & Online via live streaming

ATMOSPHERIC FOREST. Public Lecture and VR Experience in Zurich

Today Mar 7 at 5:15 PM (CET) Rasa Smite - On Atmospheric Forest, public talk live stream 

7.03.2023, 17:15 (Lecture) and 8.03.2023, 18.15 (VR experience)

Immersive Arts Space | Zurich University of the Arts

Rasa Smite in conversation with Alice Jarry in Montreal, Concordia

Rasa Smite un Alice Jarry participated in the conversation series on artists-producers, curated by Meghan Moe Beitiks. Archived talks are available HERE. (no 16:15)


4th Space / Concordia University, Montreal, Canada

Out Now! New RIXC publication GREEN REVISITED of Acosutic Space Series

The Green Revisited book introduces new discourses on “naturecultures”, which recently have been re-examined at the heart of our society. Order via or directly via Price 19.00 EUR.


"Atmospheric Forest" at "more-than-human" exhibition in Toronto

The more-than-human exhibition is on view until May 13 featuring Atmospheric Forest artwork by Latvian artists Rasa Smite and Raitis Smits, one of the central exhibition pieces.


Onsite Gallery, Toronto, Canada

RIXC representative Agnese Baranova participates in EMAP Networking Conference

The EMAP, Expanded jury meeting took place in Braga from 9-13 January 2023. RIXC was represented by project producer Agnese Baranova.



The collection of the RIXC Centre for New Media Culture in the Digital Object Management System DOM of the National Library of Latvia has been updated

Within the framework of the project "Digitisation of Cultural Heritage Content" in 2022 the Digital Object Management System (DOM) of the National Library of Latvia, the collection of the RIXC New Media Culture Centre, has been updated with nine new digital objects.


“Media Art and Creative Technologies” – Apply to the New Joint Doctoral Study Program by Liepaja University and RISEBA University of Applied Sciences!

The newly established interdisciplinary study program is offering PhD in digital arts and audiovisual media, rooted in a practice-led approach. The studies will commence on February 1st, 2023.

Apply by January 20, 2023

Opening of the Observing the Noise exhibition by Liga Dubrovska

While observing this artwork, the spectator is taken to the heyday of the Industrial Revolution, when the noises of machines and factories began to dominate other surrounding sounds.

Opening: 16.12.2022. at 18:00 // 16.12.2022-18.02.2023.

RIXC Gallery, Lenču iela 2

Christmas discounts on all RIXC books

Start the new year with a great book!
Get your 2023 reading list ready with RIXC.
40% discount on all books at the RIXC Gallery until February 28, 2023!


Call for Applications: RIXC Baltic-Nordic Art, Science & Techno-Ecologies Residencies 2022-2024

RIXC is launching three Art and Science residencies in the time period of 2022-2023 for artists from Baltic and Nordic countries. Apply for the 2nd and 3rd residency here.

Apply for the 2nd & 3rd residency by January 15, 2023 & October 15, 2023

Deep Sensing installation by Rasa Smite and Raitis Smits at the Decolonial Ecologies exhibition

With the Deep Sensing artwork the artists would like to take a critical look at the tools of modern civilization as a glorification of the fulfillment of intellect, imagination and desire, isolated from our sensory world, bodily experience and environment... Join the discussion with artists on November 23 at the Riga Art Space!

02.11.2022.-15.01.2023. // Discussion with artists 23.11.22. 5.30 pm

Riga Art Space, Kungu iela 3

The Atmospheric Forest artwork by Rasa Smite and Raitis Smits at the Beijing Art and Technology Biennale: Synthetic Ecology

The biennale probes the possibilities of reconfiguring nature by examining the post-human ecological imagination, forming a new ontological approach to equality.


798 CUBE Art Center, Beijing, China

UN/GREEN returns to Munich and travels through Asia

This week, the RIXC Centre for New Media Culture in cooperation with curator Jens Hauser is organizing a new exhibition and symposium "green-de-growth" (online here) in Munich, featuring the Atmospheric Forest VR artwork, which is currently also shown in various locations in Asia.

16.–20.11.2022. // Symposium 17.11. from 17:00 - 21:00 CET

Muffathalle, Munich

RIXC Gallery opening hours on the holidays!

RIXC Gallery is closed on December 24 and 31! The gallery is open from December 28 to 30! Happy Holidays!


The Gateway of Anxiety Exhibition by Elza Ozola

The exhibition features a digital environment depicting the hybrid reality we already live in and the human mental space, saturated with all kinds of information from everyday life.


RIXC Gallery, Lenču iela 2

Call for Applications: European Media Art Platform (EMAP) Residencies 2023

Apply now for the fully funded EMAP residency program here!

Deadline for applications: November 30, 2022

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10.03.2023. – 06.05.2023.
Rute Marta Jansone
Opening: 10.03.2023. at 18:00

RIXC Gallery, Lencu iela 2
Opening hours: Wednesday-Saturday, 12-18
at the square of National Museum of Art

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