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RIXC Mediatheque offers public and free access to publication archive, dedicated to media art and culture of digital technologies – books, magazines, catalogues, VHS, CD, DVD records, manly in latvian and english languages.

Mostly, RIXC Mediatheque archive will be useful to art and social science bachelor, master and doctor degrees students. Readers of RIXC Mediatheque, for example, are Liepajas universities New media art programe, Latvian academy of culture, Latvian academy for art Visual culture department, Riga Stradins university Communication faculty, Latvijas university Social science etc. faculty students. We are waiting everyone, who is interested in contemporary art, history of media technologies, society and culture.

In our collection, we have books of worldwide known writers and labeles as Hatje Cantz, MIT Press, Taschen, Laurence King, HMKV, ZKM, MoMA, TATE etc.


Only in RIXC Mediatheque you can find all publications of RIXC:

NEW! Erik Davis “Tehgnosis” 2014, first translation in Latvian;

NEW! Rasa Šmite, Raitis Šmits and Mārtiņš Ratniks “Talk to me”, 2014., in Latvian and English

Eric Kluitenberg (ed). “The Book of Imaginary Media: Excavating the Dream of the Ultimate Communication Medium”, 2011. transl., in Latvian

Rasa Šmite “Creative Networks”, 2011, Latvian languages

Lev Manovich “New Media language”, transl. in Latvian

Tilman Baumgertel “ Networkart”, 2001, transl. inLatvian



Transbiotics. Temporal Stability Points”, 2010, in Latvian and English

We are one the net., 2010, in Latvian and English


“Acoustic spaceseries:

NEW! Nr. 12 “Techno-ecologies II”, 2014, in English

Nr. 11 “Tehno-ekoloģijas”, 2013, in Latvian

Nr. 11 “Techno-ecologies”, 2012, in English

Nr. 10 “Networks and sustainability”, 2011, in Latvian and English

Nr. 9 “Art as research”, 2011, in Latvian and English

Nr. 8 “Energy”, 2011, in Latvian and English

Nr. 7 “Spectropia”, 2008, in Latvian and English

Nr. 6 “Waves”, 2006, in Latvian and English

Nr. 5 “Trans Cultural Mapping”, 2004, in Latvian and English

Nr. 4 “Media Architecture”, 2003, in Latvian and English

Nr. 3 “Acoustic Space”, 2000, in Latvian and English

Nr. 2 “Acoustic Space”, 1999, in Latvian and English

Nr. 1 “Acoustic Space”, 1998, in Latvian and English



RTX. Radio Towers Xchange, CD, 2009

Waves. DVD, 2008, in Latvian

RT-32. Acoustic Space Lab, DVD, 2006, in English

Most of RIXC publications you can still buy in RIXC office or order in book shops.


Practical information:

Publications can be read, and records can be seen and listen in RIXC Mediatheque. We offer to take copy of printed materials (1 A4 – EUR 0.03). You can not borrow books.

Most of RIXC publications you can take home form time, not longer than 10 days, by paying in pledge money (EUR 5-10 depending on book).

RIXC Mediateque free public capability is available as part of Latvian ministry of Culture program “Latvian electronic art base and open access project 2012 – 2014”.




+371 67228478 (office)

+371 26546776 (Rasa Smite)