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OsloFjord Ecologies: Biotricity Installation and Field-Trip

Rasa Smite and Raitis Smits participate in exhibition, and launch new collaborative research project in Oslofjord.


RAM Gallery, Oslo, Norway

Risk Change

RISK CHANGE is related to contemporary migrations and continuous social and cultural change in 21th Century the geopolitical focus on EU and neighboring countries.

01.066.2016. - 01.06.2020.

Malta, Hungary, Latvia, The Netherlands, Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia, Belgium

POND BATTERY in Katrineholm Solar Park. Research Travel

RIXC artists Rasa Smite and Raitis Smits in spring 2016 were visiting ETC Solar Park, Katrineholm Konshtall and Stockholm Technical Museum, seeking for a venue for their live installation.

02.05.2016 - 08.05.2016

Stockholm, Katrineholm, Sweden

RENEWABLE FUTURES. Creative Europe cooperation project

Project aims to invent new avenues for developments of tomorrow – in culture and creative sector on the European level

01.06.2015 - 31.12.2017.

The Netherlands, France, Norway, Spain, Finland, Latvia

TRANSFORMATIVE ECOLOGIES exhibition in Mons 2015 - European Cultural Capital

From August 19th to 30th symposium 3D BioLab : TRANSFORMATIVE ECOLOGIES takes place at Europe Culture capital 2015 - Mons.

August 19-30, 2015

Mons, Belgium

NORTH Creative Network – for open innovation and cultural exchange

Response to unstable situation of this moment, which requires constant and rapid changes in culture and art sector and finding new, innovate solutions for more sustainable future

09.2014 - 03.2016

Latvia, Norway, Iceland

Changing Weathers - Creative Europe cooperation project

Changing weathers network responses to geophysical, geopolitical and technological shifts across Europe


Latvia, Slovenia, The Netherlands, Norway, Austria

RENEWABLE FUTURES - new conference series on post-media art

The 1st edition of new academic art and science conference series, complemented by the exhibition and festival programme, that aim to invent new avenues for more sustainable and imaginative future developments.

October 8 - 10, 2015

Riga and Liepaja, Latvia

RIXC Art and Science festival 2015

On its 17th edition, previosly known as the "Art+Communication", the RIXC's annual festival manifests the "post-media" situation by changing its title and focus.

October 8 - 10, 2015

Riga and Liepaja, Latvia

Biotricity Art Work in Stockholm Technical Museum

 Starting from the Easter week there wil be an exhibition  “Green room” at Technical University of Stockholm - Rasa Smite and Raitis Smits will present “Biotricity” - the starting project of “Pound battery”

April 10 - July 10, 2015

Stockholm, Sweden