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The selected papers will be published in the new edition “GREEN Revisited” of Acoustic Space (Volume 19) / Renewable Futures (Issue 4), co-edited by Rasa Smite, Jens Hauser and Kristin Bergaust, published by RIXC, 2022.

Call for papers is open with the deadline of March 30, 2022, for the participants of the Open Fields 2020 and 2021 and Renewable Futures conferences – PostSensorium (OF2021, Riga), Ecodata (OF2020, Riga), and Living Technologies (RF2021, Oslo).

Please send your submissions to: and cc: (editor).



Submitted papers should be organized by following categories and saved as .doc, .docx or .odt files:

1) Title of the article and author/s;

2) Abstract (200 words);

3) 5–6 keywords;

4) The main body text;
Length of texts – between 2500 and 8000 words (i.e. 20 000 – 45 000 characters).

The body text should by written in APA style, including in-text citations following APA Manual.
* Example for in-text citation:
... Latour argues that "political ecology has nothing to do with nature" (Latour 2004, 5)...

Font – Timew New Roman 12 pt or Arial 11 pt, single spacing.

5) References List / Bibliography – should also be in APA style;
* Example:
Latour, B. (2004). The Politics of Nature. Cambridge (MA): Harvard University Press.

6) Short Author Biography, including affiliation, website link –
100 words (600–700 characters);

7) Correspondence contact information (author's email address) for publication purposes;

8) Author's Note (if appropriate);

9) Appendixes (if needed);

10) 4–5 tables, figures and illustrations, numbered and in the order of mention in the article, with accompanying title/caption information. Please indicate the places for tables, figures and illustrations in the text clearly. Size of an image – at least 1000 px the longest side.

Useful links for formatting in APA style: (sample of reference list and also kinds for each type of references) (online tool for references making, also a programme) (one of the online tools which helps automatically generate citations)
and others


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+371 26546776 (Rasa Smite)