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In May 2017 we launched the new RIXC Gallery and in August 2018 we started the art and science residency program. We invite to apply artists-researchers who work with science and digital technologies. Artists have an opportunity to work in the studio, use laboratory and exhibit art works in our gallery. 


For many years already RIXC has worked on the edges of art, science and digital technologies, actively developing collaborations in Baltic-Nordic region. By opening up new residencies and exhibition opportunities for artists, working with science and digital technologies, RIXC aims to support new knowledge creation and innovative artistic productions.

Through our residency programme and exhibition venue, we are sharing our resources – mediatheque, art-science lab, as well as our expertise and experience in organizing exhibitions, art events. We will be organizing meetings with artists and public, as well as with press and media, art critics and art students. For more specific needs, we are also making appointments with scientists from our partner universities and science institutes.


The residency programme is primarily addressed to artists working in the cross-disciplinary fields of art, science and digital technologies. Each year we host 4–5 residencies. Our programme has three types of them:

1) Nordic-Baltic residencies – for art and science, 2 per year, 2–3 month long each (selected by open and invitation call applications),

2) residencies supported by European Union programmes – 1-2 per year, up to 2 months long (currently, part of EMAP/EMARE new media art residencies project),

3) and Open Access Residencies – for artists-researchers, 1–2 per year, 2–4 weeks long (for which we accept the applications all year around, with no specific deadline). The selected artists will be provided with the invitation letters for individual grant applications.

We welcome applications from both – established and emerging artists, and we primarily accept those applications, in which artists express their interest in exhibiting their work, getting engaged with local communities, conducting workshops, getting involved in RIXC activities, and with a local scene, and/or to visit our partner space in other Baltic residencies.


Residency artists who are selected for the period which overlays with the annual RIXC Art Science Festival (usually in Autumn, but 2022 the festival will start on August 25) have a possibility to present their work for the international community of artists, and researchers, who are participating in the festival. Artists who will come for another time of year, will be encouraged to collaborate with local audiences.

We also offer artists to develop more specific collaborations, such as for example, to visit other art centers, give a lecture or workshop for art students from Liepaja University New Media Art programme and/or Art Academy of Latvia, as well as to visit science and historic military sites (such as Irbene Radio telescope) in Latvia, as well in Lithuania and Estonia. For resident artists we are also organizing meetings with local artists, curators, journalists and critics.

Accommodation and benefits

RIXC Gallery. Photo: Juris Rozenbergs

RIXC is located in the very heart of Riga city's contemporary culture area, in an Art Nouveau house on Lencu Street 2, in-between Latvian Centre for Contemporary Art and kim?, nearby Latvian National Museum and Arts Academy of Latvia. For single artist or artist duo use, we offer a one-room apartment (30 m2) next door to the RIXC Center. Artists have access to the internet, shared laboratory space, mediatheque, digital production equipment (MAC computers with graphic, video, VR, 360 degree, sound editing software), and digital fabrication facilities (3D printer). For educational program, workshops, and exhibitions RIXC offers gallery space (73 m2). RIXC also offers its expertise and assistance to artists, which is crucially important in order to achieve the best outcome and a higher level of inclusiveness.

RIXC Fields residence, Greenhouse Lab. Photo: Didzis Grodzs

RIXC Fields residency is located in a country house Salinas near Talsi city. It offers 4 bedrooms (110 m2), a space for field research and workshops as well as a Greenhouse Lab for research.

Residence artists


Silvia Rosani (IT)

The artist Silvia Rosani developed a new electronic sound AmotIon artwork, “trained” by AI at the EMAP / EMARE residence. Read more…

Silvia Rosani. AmotIon exhibition, 2021. RIXC Gallery. Photo: Juris Rozenbergs



Ivo Taurins, Krista Dintere (LV)

Forest Garden Greenhouse concert as part of the Ars Electronica 2021 festival program from the RIXC “Fields” residence featuring sound artworks by the two artists. Read more…

Krista Dintere. Forest Garden Greenhouse concert, 2021. Greenhouse Lab, RIXC Fields residence.



Daniel Hengst (DE)

The artist Daniel Hengst created the immersive Blooming Love VR artwork at the EMAP / EMARE residence. Read more…

Daniel Hengst. Blooming Love exhibition, 2021. RIXC Gallery. Photo: Juris Rozenbergs



Ivo Tauriņš (LV)

Forest Garden Greenhouse concert as part of the Ars Electronica 2020 festival program featuring sound artwork by the artist. Read more…

Ivo Taurins. Forest Garden Greenhouse concert, 2020. Greenhouse Lab, RIXC Fields residence. Photo: Didzis Grodzs



Ezra Antonio Campelli (UK/USA/IT)

During RIXC Risk Change residency, the artist Ezra Antonio Campelli was developing an artwork named “DIY HRT”. Read more…

Ezra Antonio Campelli. Artwork presentation during the RIXC Lunch Talk, 2020. Photo: Juris Rozenbergs



Ivo Tauriņš, Ieva Vīksne, Līga Vēliņa

During the RISK Change / RIXC Residency sound artist Ivo Tauriņš and media artists, Ieva Vīksne and Līga Vēliņa were recording sounds and videos, collecting data and materials for photogrammetry - to create ideas for new art projects about migration and ecological themes.

Photo archive of the Lunch talk with the residence artists…

Ivo Tauriņš. RIXC Fields residence, 2019.



Jan Georg Glöckner (DE)

During the residency at the RIXC Jan Georg Glöckner developed an installation named "close encounter". Read more…

Jan Georg Glöckner. Artwork presenation during the RIXC Lunch Talk, 2020. Photo: Kristīne Madjare



Jacob Remin (DK)

AUTOMATE UTOPIA / RELEASE THE DAEMONS 48 hours robot music and workshop by Jacob Remin at the RIXC residency. Read more…

Jacob Remin. RIXC residency, 2019. Photo: Kristīne Madjare



Florent Di Bartolo (FR)

During the residency the artist developed and presented a Solar Flares audiovisual performance. Read more...

Florent Di Bartolo. Performance at the RIXC Art Science Festival 2019, during the RIXC residency, 2019.



Karen Lancel and Hermen Maat (NL)

Both artists developed the Kissing Data artwork during the EMAP / EMARE residency. Read more…

Karen Lancel and Hermen Maat. Kissing Data artwork, 2018. Photo: Didzis Grodzs



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