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Photo: LOXOSconcept (In Vitro Residency, Matera, Italy 2018)

The Italian artist Silvia Rosani is going to create a new electronic sound artwork that is going to be “trained” by AI at the EMAP / EMARE residence hosted by RIXC from March 26th, 2021. The sound installation – performance proposes several questions – is emotion the key to increase attendance at contemporary music events and tackle the social inequality nested in the music production and consumption practice? How can musicians write and play music to touch the audience and, thus, conquer their devotion? Is it possible to imprint a specific emotion on a sound and, on this ground, develop a dialogue between performer and live electronics? The artwork will explore the dialogue between musical instruments and hybrid electroacoustic instruments through the comparison of the emotional content of the sounds they produce with a model built on the emotions detected in a database of human and non-human voices.

Photo: Chris Kister (Atelierfrankfurt, 2019)

Silvia Rosani studied composition at the conservatoire (Italy) first and, later, at Mozarteum Universität (Austria), while completing a degree in electronic engineering. She holds a PhD from Goldsmiths, University of London, where she works as Associate Lecturer. Her music is performed internationally by ensembles such as Neue Vocalsolisten and soloists such as pianist Anna D'Errico and Xenia Pestova. Silvia performs with electroacoustic instruments she designs and produces herself. She was recently in residence at ZKM to develop an installation with the Internet of Things, and will be soon in residence at the Experimentalstudio of the SWR.


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