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RIXC LunchTalk 7.03 13.00 and one-day exhibition CLOSE ENCOUNTER by bioartist Jan Georg Glöckner.

During the residency at the RIXC Jan Georg Glöckner is developing an installation named "close encounter". An experimental approach of seeing fungi, the work will be composed one or several airlift bioreactors that I am developing and designing in close collaboration with Janis Liepins from the microbiology department of the University of Latvia, and one of his colleagues. The reactors will offer a new perspective on fungi, and might even give the opportunity to touch the fungi living in them.

Diana Meiere and Inita Daniele from the Latvian Mycology Society were so kind to support him with important hints on local mushroom culture and an insight in their work. Also they kindly supplied local specimen of the genus Paxillus and Armillaria out of their fungarium from which the artist will harvest spores and grow culture strains to live inside the bioreactors of "close encounter".

In the following stay the artist will establish contact with the forest mycology department in Salaspils and will continue his work on the reactordesign with Janis Liepins and a glassblower he has the contact to. The work, or parts of it, will be on display at the RIXC. Subsequent exhibition of the work include "shared habitats" at the MO Museum in Vilnius in May 2019.

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