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Acoustic Space Journal

Volume No: 9
Editors: Rasa Smite, Kerstin Mey, Raitis Smits

Artistic research continues to occupy a contested territory between the academy with its established paradigms of knowledge production on the one hand and the forms of validation of contemporary art and cultural practices on the other hand. Artistic research provided the lens for one of the streams for the 6th European meeting of the Society for Literature, Science and the Arts (SLSAeu) in Riga, Latvia in 2010. "Art as Research" strand addressed questions such as "What does art know?", "What are art's approaches and methods of inquiry?", and "How can artistic research be evaluated?". This volume, brings together a selection of contributions presented in this strand. Structured in four mutually complementary sections, it offers a range of perspectives on and examples concepts and practices of artistic research.

Authors: Sher Doruff, Christoph Brunner, Carole Gray, Heather Delday, Jan Kaila, Chris Hales, Camille Baker, Kathy High, Ainars Kamolins, Janis Liepins, Mili John Tharakan, Stella Pelse, Maija Rudovska, Iliana Veinberga, Signe Grube, Kerstin May, Raitis Smits and others

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