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Acoustic Space Journal

Volume No: 5
Editors: Marc Tuters, Rasa Smite

This book shelters debates amongst grassroots activists, new media theorists and practitioners critically engaging with ideas of locality, in the broader context of the continental European (and global) process of cultural and economic integration and normalization. For the new media arts, the internet has been an invaluable tool for mobilization beyond borders, and while, as networkers, we may celebrate certain aspects of the integration project, it also potentially poses a threat to local diversities.

The edition of ACOUSTIC SPACE critically engages with ideas of networked locality throughout four chapters: 
-- Endocolonization, 
-- Locative Media, 
-- Tactical Cartography, 
-- Spectrum Ecology

Authors: Richard Barbrook, Branka Curcic, Ewen Chardronnet, Marko Peljhan, Valdis Krebs, Brian Holmes, Bruce Sterling, John Thackara, Zita Joyce, Julian Priest, Clay Shirky, Geert Lovink, Marc Tuters, Cory Doctorow, Matthew Fuller, Graham Harwood, Drew Hemment, …

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