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Oslofjord Ecologies. Artistic Research on Environmental and Social Sustainability

Volume No: 18 / 3
Editors: Kristin Bergaust, Rasa Smite and Daina Silina

“Oslofjord Ecologies” marks the tenth anniversary of the Renewable Network – a Baltic-Nordic collaboration focusing on artistic practices that offer new ideas to overcome the crises of the past and present, working with science and ‘techno-ecologies’, and developing new models for more sustainable and imaginative ways of life. “Oslofjord Ecologies” is the third issue of “Renewable Futures”, a special Acoustic Space series, presented by guest editor Kristin Bergaust, artist and professor from Oslo Metropolitan University.

The articles and visual representations in this book are attempts to communicate our experiences and develop questions and concerns following our engagement with Oslofjord Ecologies. The contributors are artists who have presented ideas and developed works in the project exhibitions and activities, as well as authors engaged in transdisciplinary discussions on art and ecology.

Authors of the research papers: Venke Aure, Kristin Bergaust, Boel Christensen-Scheel, Tona Gulpinar and Anneke von der Fehr, Helene Illeris, Sabine Popp, Merete Røstad, Elin T. Sørensen, Gunhild Vatn, Nina Vestby. The album visually presents the Oslofjord Ecologies exhibitions, performances and activities by participating artists.

ISSN 1407-2858

ISBN 978-9934-8434-8-8

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