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Title: 100 percent

Author: Alvis Misjuns

Technology: virtual reality

Collection: RIXC

Year: 2020


“100 percent” is a deliberate departure from the usual virtual exhibition format that aims to find more unrestricted and relevant means of expression to exhibit physical and virtual pieces.

The main problem of virtual exhibitions is the conversion of physical works into digital format, which removes information layers. Lost information must be compensated.

“100 percent” is a virtual exhibition with digital 3D pieces. The exhibition highlights two important user experience (UX) challenges: optimization and information. The best examples of optimization can be drawn from computer game development methods, i.e. the level of detail (LOD) based on the distance of the camera from the object. In “100 percent” the LOD is reversed, hence, by coming closer the model becomes rougher. Thus revealing the structure of virtual reality. 

Exhibition “100 percent” offers a smart aid that recognizes and frames the pieces, similar to the algorithm YOLO (You only look once). The style of the exhibition “100 percent” is the opposite of the usual exhibition format. Instead of precise architecture, it exhibits an organic, almost extraterrestrial space.

Alvis Misjuns holds a Master's degree in Visual Communication from the Art Academy of Latvia and a Professional Master’s degree in Virtual Reality and Smart Technologies from Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences. He teaches at Janis Rozentāls Art School and the Art Academy of Latvia. He participates in group exhibitions and projects related to virtual and augmented reality. Currently, the author’s main line of work is the research and development of virtual experiences and exhibitions. He worked on the 2020 virtual exhibition “Virtuaal” of the Art Academy of Latvia. In 2019, his piece “Siltumnīca” was exhibited in the group exhibition “Academia” of the Art Academy of Latvia.


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