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Authors: Katrīna Neiburga, Pēteris Ķimelis, Andris Indāns

Year: 2006

Programmers: Dāvis Bojārs, Edgars Brālītis

Technology: PHP, C++, HTML, JavaScript, MySQL

While travelling abroad, the artist has often encountered with an interest in Latvian language. The work is developed out of this experience, which allows Latvian audience to distance itself from its own language and thus to approach it in a new light. By collaborating with linguists and software specialists an artificial language has been developed which uses rules and qualities of Latvian language without generating any meaning. What remains is the sound of something familiar, which is applied to typical speech situations characteristic to the mass media.

The artist also introduces a meta-level as a further element of the project by having professionals and poets discuss the experiment and read their poems in Alvoda. The project also involves recordings from readings of Latvian sayings and works of Latvian author Rainis in Alvoda as well as a translation for a TV series.


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