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Title: Atmospheric Forest
Publisher: Riga : E-Lab / RIXC
Year: 2020
Authors: Raitis Smits, Rasa Smite
Description: An audio-visual “journey” and conceptual overview of the VR artwork “Atmospheric Forest” that visualizes scientific data on the effects of climate change on the forest ecosystem. The work was nominated for the Purvitis Prize in 2021, the original VR version of the work is in the collection of the Latvian National Museum of Art
Subject: Video recordings


Format extent: 1 MP4 datne
Object description: “Atmospheric Forest” 645,9 MB, MP4 File, Length 00:04:29, Frame width 1920, Frame height 1080
Collection: RIXC, The Center for New Media Culture
Media: Culture
Format medium: Digitally created
Type group: Moving Image
Type: Video
Copyright: Authors
Access: Metadata are publicly available on DOM system of the National Library of Latvia:
Access rights: Video file (high quality, full resource) is available for download from the library network for authorized users of the National Library of Latvia.
Date captured: 01.12.2022
Original video:


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