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Title: Back to the light

Author: Pēters Riekstiņš

Technology: HD Video, 27 min 19 sec

Collection: RIXC

Year: 2016

Description: The artist deals with the restoration of deleted data and its practical artistic use. People often fall for the misconception that you can simply delete files from a computer. But actually, even if your hard drive has been formatted, you can still recover unimaginable amounts of information, such as images, videos, audio files, text files, etc. that the owner of the hard drive has consciously or unconsciously saved. The artist buys the disks from pawnbrokers to prove that he has not stolen the hard disks or the data on them. The mission of his works is to make people feel responsible for their digital property. The main goal is an artistic refurbishment of the data obtained, which addresses the fear in people of what could happen to their data if they fall into the wrong hands.


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