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Title: Interior
Author: Santa France
Technology: Digital prints

Collection: RIXC

Year: 2016 – ongoing

Description: The “Interior” series is an exercise in creating various digital rooms by using a minimal amount of elements that merely point out the function of the particular structure. By maintaining a constant camera angle and using the same base cube for each of these rooms, the author is practicing the use of a fixed set – similar to the basic principles of stage design, where the scenographer is very aware of the “fourth wall” and the audience’s point of view. Inspired by old interior design ads and playing The Sims, where the position of each household object is limited to certain in-game units, the artist is recreating interiors based on memories of real places as well as fictional rooms from the internet.

Interior #10 / Assembly Line, 2016

Interior #12 / Micro-apartment, 2016

Interior #1 / Gym, 2016

Interior #7 / Indoor Pool, 2016

Added: 02.01.2018.


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