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Title: Noise Technocracy

Author: Ivo Tauriņš

Technology: electroacoustic composition, images of sound spectrum analysis

Collection: RIXC

Year: 2020


The composition consists of field recordings with a sampling rate of 96 kHz and 24-bit quantization including frequencies beyond human hearing. It is very likely they are registered with other senses in our bodies. The spectrogram of the composition as well reflects the presence of high frequencies.

While listening to the “Noise Technocracy” composition, the author offers to take an electroacoustic walk through the yard of “Saliņas” country house, trying to distinguish the voices of birds, the car of a neighbor driving on the gravel road, the flight of fly and the chirping of carefree grasshoppers. The composition is created by using a binaural sound processing technique, i.e. by psychoacoustically manipulating the differences in sound tone, time, volume in each of the stereo sound channels, a vision or feeling is created about the size of the acoustic space, the objects in it and the locations of the sound sources. The composition is complemented by images of its sound spectrum analysis.

For a better perception of the binaural effect, it is essential to use headphones.

Keywords: Electroacoustic composition, binaural sound, field recordings, sound technologies.

Ivo Tauriņš has graduated from the New Media Art Master’s program at the University of Liepāja. He has studied sound art at the Bauhaus-University Weimar, Media Art and Design Master’s program, Electro-Acoustic Music and Experimental Radio Studies subprogram. Ivo did an internship in space acoustics in the German company Müller-BBM GmbH. He has currently exchanged his perennial hobby of conducting and collecting analog records for the deep love of digital recording inventions, examining its processes both in theory and practice.


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