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Title: Reflections, Cycles and Transformations

Author: Krista Dintere

Technology: Sound piece, Stereo audio, 12.23.

Collection: RIXC

Year: 2020


Sound is a time-based medium. If not fixed, sound events leave no trace behind but a memory of what you just heard. 

Recorded sounds are like reflections of natural sounds. Recording technologies can be seen as an extension of human hearing and memory.  By means of a recorder, one can access sound repeatedly, can zoom in and focus on small sounds, can manipulate, even touch can become a tool for fixing sounds when recording surface vibrations with a contact mic, all these means lead to greater width and depth of perception which could not be accessed without technological augmentation. 

In my work "Reflections, cycles and transformations" by completing many transformative cycles one fixed sound reflection can become a whole score of sounds. Composition constructs reality in a cycle from natural to abstract and back. Natural forms in images are intertwined with visual representations of the fabric of the sound spectrum.

Krista Dintere is an artist working in the fields of Sound Art, Experimental Composition, and creative research. By creating site-specific installations and experimental compositions she explores the relationship between the factuality of field recordings and fictional sonic worlds. Since 2012 her works have been presented in media art and sound art exhibitions. Has a Master's degree in Sound Art from Liepaja University New Media Arts, lecturer in LiepU, RISEBA un JVLMA. 


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