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Title: Sexy–spam–poetry (volume one)

Author: Santa France

Technology: Net art

Collection: RIXC
Year: 2016
Description: A collection of four poems about the online distribution of pornography supplemented by illustrations and readings of a text-to-speech application. The source material for the poems are screenshots from several porno-blogs on the Tumblr microblogging site which have started to follow the author's own blog during the period from July 6 until September 12, 2016. Although the terms of use clearly forbid distribution of materials having pornographical nature, 11.4% of the 200 000 most visited Tumblr domains contains adult content. 22.37% of the data stream from the outside sites, comes from adult websites (this is the leading category of the outside data stream). Serial blogs which use the method of an image + an intriguing, short caption, that also serves as the link to the outside

source, have obsessed the microblogging site and following their own algorithms choose “victims” for promoting their content. The author has captured screenshots of these captions and arranged them in her own categories following various keywords, the structure of sentences and other similarities. This resulted in 4 poems: “She Waits You Here”, “Nicole”, “Here” and “Where’s My Boy?”. The poems maintain the look of the initial screenshots and have been arranged in a collage with an additional audio file player and compositions of illustrative images.

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