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Title: The Rupture I

Author: Santa France

Technology: Interactive 3D web-collage

Collection: RIXC

Year: 2020


The opportunity to tune out sounds of the surrounding environment and to replace them with audio of your own choosing has become a self-evident part of a modern human’s existence. As users increasingly rely on the immersion and durability of media, their devices have taken on a peculiar role of an emotional supporter – helping to distance from the aggravation of the external environment and to focus on the workings of one’s inner world instead.

The interactive collage illustrates a situation, in which this immersion has been unexpectedly ruptured due to a technological malfunction – leaving only half of the user’s senses “submerged” within the hyperreality of media.

Santa France (b. 1993, currently lives and works in Berlin) is a Latvian digital artist mainly focusing on exploring the potential of 3D software and its usage in creating web-collages, videos, animated .GIF images, and digital illustrations. Her nearly photorealistic, yet uncanny compositions are characterized by their impossibly pristine surroundings and the contrasting organic and man-made objects. The established hyperreality draws attention to the software used in its creation, as well as uses its visual language to examine issues rooted in our contemporary existence, dealing with the themes of self-reflection, solitude, nostalgia, and digital culture.


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