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Title: Waves - Lights - Shadows

Author: Paula Vitola

Technology: sound installations (stroboscope, sun battery, speakers)

Collection: RIXC

Year: 2020


The artorks show artistic experiments and attempts to understand through them seemingly self-evident phenomena - sound and light. By using light as a source for sound, it makes intangible and invisible phenomena visible and workable visually, opening up new possibilities for experimentation.

So far, the artist has created a variety of prototypes for obtaining sound with light - performance tools that can produce sounds using motors, strings, Christmas lights, water bottles, and other objects; a sound recorder using a mirror and sunlight instead of a microphone; as well as a device for listening to the sounds of insect wings.

The light in artworks is used to create sound using the principle of photoacoustics, which was already discovered in 1880 by Alexander Graham Bell. The artworks compile the experiments of the artist - sketches of the process, prototypes, and tools for sound creation. In the artworks, the creation of sound and experimentation becomes an exciting, playful process.

Paula Vitola is an artist and lecturer at the University of Liepaja, mainly working in the field of media art and art research, as well as recently focusing on sound art. In her creative work, the artist is experimenting with different technologies, natural and physical phenomena, trying to understand them, finding new means of expression, and ways to deal with them.


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