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Rasa Smite is an artist, network researcher and cultural innovator, working with science and emerging media technologies since the mid-90s. Rasa Smite has graduated from the Latvian Arts Academy (MA, 2000), and holds a doctoral degree in sociology from Riga Stradins University (her PhD thesis "Creative Network Communities", 2011). Currently she is associate professor in New Media Art Programme, and a researcher in Art Research Lab at Liepaja University.

Together with Raitis Smits, she has co-founded RIXC – which is both – Riga based center for new media culture, and artist collective (1996/2000). She also is co-curator of Art+Communication festivals, and chief editor of Acoustic Space – peer-reviewed journal series. Their art works are long-lasting, process-based, experimental, often collaborations with other artists, networked, visionary and thematically innovative – as created in context with their regular festivals and reflected in the Acoustic Space publications. Through artworks, projects and events they together with RIXC have been introducing novelty themes such as 'internet radio' (1997 / 1998 - their pioneering internet radio network project Xchange was awarded with PRIX Ars Electronica in), 'acoustic space lab' (since 2001 - collaboration with radio astronomers at Irbene Radiotelescope), 'locative media' (2003 - coined this term together with Marc Tuters), 'waves' (2006 and 2008 - co-curated large-scale exhibitions in Riga and Dortmund together with Armin Medosch), spectral ecology (2007).

Since 2009 they are engaged in sustainability quests, building Renewable Network - North-European cooperation platform for art and science, and focusing on themes such as 'renewable energy' (2009), 'transbiotics' (2010), 'techno-ecologies' (2011), 'art of resilience' (2012). Their more recent art project Biotrcity is an experiment with MFC (micro-bial fuel cell) - next generation bio-energy technology. Biotricity (in-door installation) was created together with sound artist Voldemars Johansons, and it has been displayed in Project Genesis - Synthetic Biology exhibition in Ars Electronica Center (2013-2014), and is currently exhibited in Stockholm Technical Museum (April-June 2015).


Born: April 15, 1969 in Riga, Latvia
Address: Eksporta iela 6 – 19, Riga, LV 1010, Latvia
Contact:, +371-26546776

Education and Recieved Academic Degrees:
2011 — recieved degree Dr. sc. soc. from Riga Stradiņš University for PhD thesis „Creative Network Communities”
2006-2009 – Riga Stradiņš University, PhD studies in sociology
2000 – Latvian Academy of Arts, MA studies (recieved degree Mg. art)
1988-1993 – Latvian Academy of Arts, BA studies (recieved Bc. art)

Current Employment:
1) Associate professor in audiovisual arts in Liepaja University (since 2011)
2) Researcher in Art Research Lab of Liepaja University (since 2007)
3) Programme director in RIXC, The center for new media culture (since 2000)

Academic Employment and Work Experience:
Since 2013 — Programme director of PhD studies in Liepaja University, New Media Art Since
2011 — Programme director of MA studies in Liepaja University, New Media Art Since
Since 2011 — Associate Professor in New Media Art Programme / Liepaja University
2012 – Researcher in Post-Media Lab / Lueneburg University (Germany)
2007-2011 — Lecturer in New Media Art Programme / Liepaja University
Since 2007 — Researcher at Art Research Lab (MPLab) / Liepaja University
Since 2000 — Programme director / Director of the Center for new media culture RIXC in Riga
Since 2002 — Lecturer at the Riga Stradins University
1998-2003 — Lecturer at the Latvian Academy of Arts
1997-1998 — Lecturer at Kemi-Tornio Polytechnic, Tornio College of Art and Media (Finland)

Academic Courses (last 6 years):
2D for Interactive Media (LiepU, BA)
Media (Art and) Theory (LiepU, BA)
The language of New Media (LiepU, BA)
Networked Art (LiepU, BA)
Research Methodology in Arts and Design (LiepU, BA)
New Media Art Research (LiepU, MA)
Digital Networked Media (LiepU, MA)
New Media Art in the Contexts of Cultural Environments (LiepU, MA)
Introduction in Network Theory (RSU, BA)
New Media and Network Theory (RSU, MA)
Visual Communication (RSU, BA)

Scientific and Artistic Research Projects:
– «Renewable Network Research project». Carried out by RIXC and Art Research Lab of Liepaja University (Since 2009).
– ”Latvian electronic arts database and public access” (since 2007) — RIXC’s research project supported by LR Ministry of Culture;
– «Creative Network Communities», PhD research on network culture of the 90ties. (2006-2011).
– “Waves – electromagnetic waves as material and medium of arts”, (2006-2008), scientific research project supported by Latvian Science Academy, implemented by Art Research Lab of Liepaja University in collaboration with the the Center for new media culture RIXC in Riga.
– «Electrosmog» (2007-2010), scientific and artistic research and international media art exhibition projects by The Center for New Media Culture “Spectral Ecology” (2007), “Skrunda Signal” (2007-2008), “Spectropia” (2008)


2015, Novembr 5 - 7 – “Talk to Me” installation (together with Rasa Smite), exhibition “Superconduction”, curator Daria Parkhomenko / LABORATORIA Art&Science Space / Moscow, Doma Square 2, Riga, Latvia

2015, October 9 - November 22 - “Talk to Me” installation, “Data Drift” exhibition, as a part of RIXC Art and Science Festival, kim? Contemporary Art Center, Riga, Latvia

2015, October 7 – November 22 – “Pond Battery. Poetics of Green Energy” installation, exhibition “North. Transformative Ecologies”, RIXC Gallery, Riga, Latvia

2015, september 24 - October 24 - “Pond Battery” video installation, exhibition “Poetique de Flux”, Toulouse, France

2015, August 19–-30 – 3 artworks: “Biotricity – bacteria battery”, “Pond Battery. Poetics of Green Energy” and “Talk to Me. Human-plant communication”, exhibition “Transformative Ecologies”, Maison du Design, Mons, Belgium

2015, March-July – “Biotricity – Bacteria Battery” art-science installation, “Green Room” exposition, Stockholm Technical Museum, Sweden

2014, May-August – “Biotricity 1.46 V” art-science installation, FIELDS exhibition, Arsenals Exhibition Hall of National Art Museum, Riga, Latvia

2013, July – 2014, July – “Biotricity” art-science installation, “Project Genesis. Synthetic Biology” exhibition, Ars Electronica Center, Linz, Austria

2013, May-June __ “Bacteria Battery No 8”, networked sound installation, in collaboration with Rasa Smite, Voldemars Johansons and Martins Ratniks. WRO 2013 biennale, Wroclow, Poland

2013, June – “Bacteria Battery No. 9” networked sound installation, Dutch Technology Week, Eindhoven, The Netherlands

2013, May–July – “Bacteria Battery No. 8” networked sound installation, WRO biennale, Wroclaw, Poland

2012, October – “Bacteria Battery #5” networked sound installation, Art of Resilience exhibition, RIXC Media Space, Riga, Latvia

2012, June–August – “Talk To Me” human-plant communication project, Riga Botanical Garden, Riga, Latvia

2011, Nov 17-20 ___ “Burtnieks”, light object (together with Raitis Smits, Martins Ratniks and RIXC) in the windows of new Latvian National Library Building, during the “Light Festival” of Riga/LV.

2011, Oct 14 – 2012, March 4 ___ “Skrunda Signal” video installation, in the “Invisible Fields. Geographies of radio waves” exhibition in Arts Santa Monica, Barcelona/ES.

2011, May 12 – Sep 30 ___ “Renew-ability” installation (together with Raitis Smits, Martins Ratniks and RIXC) in “Gateways. Art and Networked Culture” exhibition (curator Sabine Himmelsbach), KUMU Museum, Tallinn/EE

2011, Apr 1 – May 8  ___ “Talk to me” networked installation (together with Raitis Smits, Martins Ratniks and RIXC) in “Grow_ability” exhibition, kim?/RIXC Gallery in Spikeri, Riga/LV

2011, Mar 11-13 ___ “Talk to me” networked installation, and “Renewable Network Map” online research interface (together with Raitis Smits, Martins Ratniks and RIXC), Camp Pixelache festival exhibition, Gallery Augusta, Suomenlinna, Helsinki/FI

2010, Dec ___ “Internet radio Ozone” installation (together with RIXC). In “We Are On The Net –” exhibition, kim?/RIXC Gallery in Spikeri, Riga/LV

2010 May-Aug ___ “Gara pupa / Long Bean” social art campaign and installation (together with RIXC and JTI), RIXC Media space, in the framework of Contemporary Arts Forum “White Night”, Riga/LV

2010 Feb ___ “RT–32” video and “Skrunda signal” installation (together with RIXC) in “Krajumi II / Collection II” exhibition, RIXC Gallery in Spikeri/kim?, Riga/LV

2008 Oct ___ “Skrunda signal” video (together with RIXC) in “Spektropia” exhibition, Riga Art Space, Art+Communication 2008 festival 2008, Riga/LV

2009 Aug ___ “Universe Listening Station” (together with RIXC, Clausthome, VIRAC), RIXC Media Space. “White Night” Contemporary Arts Forum, Riga/LV

2007, Jun ___ “Spectral Ecology” (together with RIXC and Bureau d'Etudes/SIC/FR), Art+Communication 2007 festival, RIXC Media space. Riga/LV

2007 May ___ “Acoustic Space Lab / RT–32” video  (together with RIXC), in Moscow Biannal. Moscow/RU

2006, May ___ “Solar Radio Station” live installation (together with RIXC, Clausthome and radioqualia), HMKV. Dortmund/DE


___ Chair of new international conference series for art, science and cultural innovation “Renewable Futures” (launching conference), Riga and Liepaja, May 15-18, 2014.
___ Chair of biannual international academic conference “Media Art Histories 2013: RENEW”, Stockholm School of Economics, Riga, October 8-12, 2013.
___ Lecture “Renewable Network – artists and scientists in the quest for a sustainable future”, Article Biannale, Stavanger, Norway, September 2013.
___ Lecture «Artist communities – in the quest for Renewable Future». 14th International scientific conference «Society and Culture». Liepaja University, Liepaja, May 19–20, 2011.
___ Lecture «Creative Community Networking in Latvia». LU 69th conference, section “Recent sociological research in Latvian”, organized by LU SZF, Riga, February 17, 2011.
___ Defense — public presentation of PhD theses «Kreatīvo tīklu kopienas» (Creative Network Communities). Riga Stradins university, Riga, February 11, 2011.
___  Work on conference organizers board of the 6th European SLSA conference «TEXTILES». Riga: Stockholm School of Economics, June 15–20, 2010.
___Lecture “Culture and creative communities in network society”. 13th International scientific conference “Society and Culture”. Liepaja: LiepU, April 29–30, 2010.
___ Seminar «Organized Networks», moderation. Riga: RIXC Media Space, December 3–6, 2009.
___ Lecture “Art and Renewable Energy Network” in the international conference “Energy”. Organized by Liepajas university Art Research Lab (MPLab) and RIXC, in the framework of «Art+Communication» festival. Riga, October 9–10, 2009.
___Seminar «New Media Art Week» moderation. Organized by Liepaja university Art Research Lab  (MPLab). Liepaja: LiepU JMM: November 3–6, 2009.
___ Lecture «Digital Network Communities». Art and science seminar «Profili». Organized by e–text–textiles, Riga, July 30, 2009.
___ Lecture «Tīkla kultūra kā alternatīvs attīstības modelis tehnosociālās transformācijas kontekstā”. RSU 8th sientific conference. Riga: RSU, apr. 2–3, 2009.
___ Lecture “Spectral art / Waves art – illuminating investigations in electromagnetic spectrum” in Article08 biannial. Organized by: iolab. Stavanger/Norway: November 17,  2008
___ Lecture “Tīkla sabiedrības jaunās sociālās morfoloģijas” RSU 2. International scientific conference “Sabiedrība.Veselība. Labklājība”. Riga, RSU, November 5–6, 2008
___ Lecture “Spectral ecology”. International conference “Spectropia”, Organized by Liepaja university Art Research Lab (MPLab) and RIXC, in the framework of «Art+Communication». Riga, RIXC Media space: October 17–18, 2008.
___ Lecture “Skrunda signal” (together with Raitis Smits). International festival “Transmediale 2008: Conspire” conference. January 31, 2008.
___ Lecture «Artists – acoustic space explorers». Academic conference “XV Borisa Vipera piemiņas lasījumi: Personība mākslas procesos”. Riga, Latvian Arts Academy, Institute of Art History, November 27, 2007.
___ Lecture “Beyond crises of new media art education”. Organized by Liepaja university Art Research Lab (MPLab), international conference “New media and art education”. Liepaja, Hotel Fontain Royal, October 25-27, 2007.
___ Lecture “Electronic arts archiving” (together with Raitis Smits). LR Ministry of Culture organised international conference “Building Latvian Contemporary Arts Museum”, Riga, Andrejsala, October 2007.
___ Lecture “Archiving of Electronic Art” (together with Raitis Smits). IASA & BAAC international conference “Building an archive for future”. Riga, Maritim Hotel, September 15–20, 2007.
___ Lecture (together with Linda Vebere) “Skrunda signal.” Liepaja Pedagogical Academy (Art Research Lab and RIXC) international scientific conference “Espionage technologies and art”. Liepaja, LPA: 2007. 1.–2. jun.
___ Lecture “Social ecology of electromagnetic spectrum».  RSU ESF international scientific conference “Latvia in European Union”. Riga, RSU, 2007.


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2008 — Special Award in Culture of «Preis der Deutschen Wirtschaft in Lettland», nomination for RIXC festival «Art+Communication: Spectropia»
2003 — Leonardo-@rt Outsiders 2003 New Horizons Award (Paris, France) recieved for the installation Open Sky, which was co-produced by the Acoustic Space Lab collective: Ewen Chardronett (France), Rasa Smite and Raitis Smits / RIXC (Latvia), Adam Hyde and Honor Harger / r a d i o q u a l i a (New Zealand).
2002 — World Technology Awards (USA), nomination for RIXC (Rasa Smite and Raitis Smits).
2000 — Latvian Art 2000 Award in Multimedia and Environmental Art Category for E-Lab / RIXC project «Art+Communication festival».
1998 – together with Raitis Smits, Jaanis Garancs (E-Lab) received PRIX Ars Electronica 98 Award of Destinction (2nd prize) for Xchange — network project (Net Category).
1998-1999 — Recieved fellowship from the Latvian Ministry of Culture.

Latvian, English, Russian. German and French – beginner level.


+371 67228478 (office)

+371 26546776 (Rasa Smite)