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Artist Portfolio (website):

Rasa Smite is Riga and Karlsruhe based artist and co-founder of RIXC Art Science Center in Riga, Latvia. She holds her PhD in sociology of media and network cultures. Currently she is a Professor and Head of MACT (Media Art and Creative Technologies) joint PhD Study Program by Liepaja University and RISEBA University of Applied Sciences, and Researcher at Basel Academy of Art and Design FHNW, Switzerland.  

In her artistic practice, she works together with Raitis Smits as an artist duo, together creating visionary and networked artworks – from pioneering internet radio experiments in the 1990s; artistic investigations in electromagnetic spectrum and collaborations with radio astronomers; to more recent “techno-ecological” explorations and climate change research – creating immersive experiences using scientific data, sonification, visualization, AI and XR tools, and sound.

Their artworks have been awarded (Falling Walls – Science Breakthrough / Art and Science 2021, PRIX Ars Electronica 1998), nominated (International Public Arts Award - Eurasian Region 2021; Purvitis Prize 2019 and 2021),  and shown widely including at the Venice Architecture Biennale, Beijing Art and Technology Biennale, Liechtenstein Museum of Fine Arts, National Art Museum of Latvia, Van Abbe Musum of Modern and Contemporary Arts (Eindhoven, NL), ZKM Karlsruhe, HeK (Basel, CH), Ars Electronica (Linz, AT), and other venues, exhibitions and festivals in Europe, the United States, Canada and Asia.



Phone(LV/Whatsapp): +371-26546776

Phone(DE): +49-151-70253748 (portfolio website) (RIXC Art Science Center)


Education and Academic Degrees:

2011 – PhD (in sociology of media and culture) from Riga Stradins University for thesis – ”Creative Networks. In The Rear-View Mirror of Eastern European History”, published by The Institute of Networked Cultures, Amsterdam, 2012.

2006-2009 – Riga Stradins University, PhD studies in Sociology of Media and Culture

1999-2000 – Arts Academy of Latvia, Fine Arts (received degree Mag. Art)

1993-1994 – ArtEZ Academy of Art & Design Zwolle/Kampen, The Netherlands

1988-1993 – Art Academy of Latvia, Visual Arts (received Bc. art, and professional diploma in Arts)
1984-1988 – Design and Arts College, Riga, LV


Employment (current and recent):

  • Researcher at the Academy of Art and Design (HGK) the University of Applied Northwestern Switzerland, FHNW (2017-2026)

  • Professor in New Media Art, and Senior Researcher in Art Research Laboratory / Liepaja University (since 2017-)

  • Lecturer at MIT ACT - Program in Art, Culture and Technology / School of Architecture and Planning, Boston, US (2018-2021)

  • Guest Professor at HfG University, Karlsruhe, Germany (2019-2021) 

  • Founding Director and Curator at the RIXC Center for New Media Culture (since 2000)

Teaching (academic courses):


Liepaja University (Professor) / RISEBA University for Applied Sciences (joint study programs with Liepaja)

  • Digital Art (1) AR, VR and Immersive Environments  (MA) (2018-2023)

  • Digital Art (2): ML, AI and Data Visualization (MA) (2018-2023)

  • Interactive Media and Multimedia Performances / (MA) (2016-2023)

  • Visual Culture and New Media Aesthetics (2017-2023)

  • Conceptual Thinking, Media Theory and Creative Research Methods (MA) Liepaja University & RISEBA University for Applied Sciences (2016-2023)

  • Art and Design Research Methodology (BA), Liepaja University, Liepaja, Latvia (2011-2023)

  • Artistic Practice and Research Methodologies (DR) Liepaja University, Latvia (since 2013)

  • Social Network Analysis and Network Theories (DR), (2013-2017)

MIT ACT - Art Culture Technology program (Visiting Lecturer 2018-2021, Guest Lectures and Reviews 2021-2022)

  • Artist, Tinkerer, Architect, Engineer (4.s32) / MIT ACT (co-teaching contributions to the course by Prof. Judith Barry, inputs, guest lectures, mid-and final reviews) (Fall 2022, Spring 2022)

  • Artistic Methodologies: Art, Science and Experiential  Aesthetics (4.s32) / MIT ACT (full course by Rasa Smite and Raitis Smits, together with Prof. Judith Barry) (Spring 2021)

  • Introduction in Sound Creation (4.320/1). Expanding Field Radio and Acoustic Immersions // Immersive Acoustic Environments / MIT ACT - Art, Culture and Technology program, Boston (undergrad/grad., together with Raitis Smits) (Spring 2018, Fall 2018, Fall 2019, Spring 2021).


Stanford University (Guest Lectures and Workshops, 2017, 2022)

  • Future Media-Media Archeology: Bacteria Battery / Stanford University (Spring 2022,  workshop contribution to the class by Prof. Paul DeMarinis)


Art Academy of Latvia, Riga (Lecturer, 2021-2022)

  • Design for Society and Sustainability (Photogrammetry, Unity, VR) / grad./MA level / The Art Academy of Latvia (Fall 2021)


HfG Karlsruhe, Germany(Guest Professor, 2019-2021)

  • BioSensing: Bacteria Battery workshop (Summer/Winter Semester 2020-2021)

  • BioSensing and EcoAesthetics. Ecosystem Perspective, Living Data and Visualizing Interactions  / Art and Design Academy HfG - Karlsruhe, Germany (Winter Semester 2019-2020)

  • Virtualities and Realities. New Experiences, Art and Ecologies in Immersive Environments  (HfG Karlsruhe, (Winter Semester 2019-2020)

  • Techno-Ecologies: Art in the Age of Post-Media (1) / HfG Karlsruhe, Germany (Summer Semester 2019)

  • Techno-Ecologies: Listening, Sensing and Visualizing (2) / HfG Karlsruhe, Germany (Winter Semester 2018-2019)


FHNW Art and Design Academy, Basel, Switzerland (Scientific Researcher / Lectures and Workshops, 2017-2021)

  • Sensing Wild Plants in Techno-Urban Environment / together with Dr Yvonne Volkart, Art and Design Academy FHNW, Basel, Switzerland (2019-2020)


Riga Stradins University (Lecturer, 2006-2015)

  • Social Network Analysis and Network Theories - Riga Stradins University (BA, MA)

  • Internet Media and Critical Cultures (BA) - Riga Stradins University (BA, MA)



Artistic Practice and Exhibitions (selected, last 6 years)


In her artistic practice, Rasa Smite works together with Raitis Smits as the artist duo. 

Portfolio website:


Solo Shows:


2023, 22.06–31.07 – “Deep Sensing”, immersive installation, MEET Digital Art Center, Milan, IT

2023, 15–16.03 – Atmospheric Experiences, Exhibition (Atmospheric Forest, Deep Sensing), ONX Studio / Onassis Gallery, New York, US 

2023, 8.03 – Atmospheric Forest, VR experience show, ZHdK  Immersive Art Space, Zurich, CH

2022, 5.–7.08 - Atmospheric Forest, single-channel immersive installation, Theatre House Juras Varti, Ventspils, Latvia

2020, September - 2021, January 31 – “Atmospheric Forest” VR installation, RIXC Gallery, Riga, Latvia. The artwork is nominated for Purvitis Prize 2021, a major bi-annual visual arts prize in Latvia, and included in the collection of the National Museum of Art of Latvia.

2018, April 28 - May 9 - “Biotricity. Swamp Radio Laboratory” (2018) / Celebration of 50th anniversary of CAVS Program, MIT Center for Theoretical Physics, Boston, US

2018, January 19 - 26 – ”Fluctuations of Microworlds”, Galerija Kapelica, Ljubljana, Slovenia.

2017, September 9 - November 28 – “Fluctuations of Microworlds. Swamp Radio”, RIXC Gallery, Riga. The artwork was nominated for Purvitis Prize 2019, the major bi-annual visual arts prize in Latvia.

2017, September 5 - 30 – “Talk to Me. Human-plant communication” / Cita Nova Gallery, Great Amber Concert Hall, Liepaja, LV

2017, September  17 - 22 – RT-32. Acoustic Space Lab” (2002/2017), The European Planetary Science Congress, Radisson Blu Hotel Exhibition Hall, Riga, LV.

2016, August 29 – October 2 – “Talk to Me. Human-plant communication”, The National Library of Latvia, Riga, LV.

2016, May 25 - June 14 – Pond Radio, outdoor sound installation / Van Abbe Contemporary Art Museum, Eindhoven, NL


Group Shows:


2023, 1.–6.09 – Atmospheric Forest, immersive 2-channel video installation, “Rescaling The World”, Taiwan Technology and Society Academic Conference and International Group Exhibition of Technology Art, Taiwan Contemporary Culture Lab (C-Lab), Organizers: Taiwan Association for Science, Technology and Society (TASTS), Department of Geography, National Taiwan University, Zone Sound Creative

2023, 5.05.–22.10 – Atmospheric Forest, VR, Parliament of Plants II exhibition, Liechtenstein Museum of Fine Arts, Vaduz, Liechtenstein

2023, 1.03–13.05 – Atmospheric Forest, VR, “more-than-human” exhibition, curator Jane Tingley, ONSITE gallery, Toronto, Canada

2022 - 2023, November 1-January 15,  Deep Sensing. RT-32 Revisited, immersive installation, Decolonizing Ecologies exhibition, curator Ieva Astahovska/Latvian Contemporary Art Center, Riga Art Space, Latvia

2022 - 2024, Atmospheric Forest, VR installation, Critical Zones traveling exhibition series, organized by ZKM Karlsruhe and Goethe Institute in Asia - 6 exhibitions in Colombo/Sri Lanka and Mumbai, Pune, Kolkata, New Delhi and Bangalore / India.

2022, August 25-November 13, Atmospheric Forest (2020), VR installation. In “Earthbound'' exhibition, curated by Sabine Himmelsbach, Luxembourg - European Cultural Captial, Esch, LUX

2022, March 28-May 20 – Atmospheric Forest (2020), VR installation. Beijing Art and Technology Biennale BATB 2021, Central Academy of Fine Arts Museum, Beijing, China

2022, January 13-16 – “Pond Battery” (2014-2015), IAPA - International Award for Public Arts, exhibition of short-listed and published artworks, organized by Shanghai Academy of Fine Arts, Venue: The Westin Qingdao West Coast, Huangdao District, Qingdao, China

2020, July 24 - 2022, January 16 - January 9, 2022– Atmospheric Forest (2020), immersive 2-channel video installation / Critical Zones exhibition curated by Bruno Latour & Peter Weibel, ZKM, Karlsruhe, DE

2021, June 4 - August 2021 - Atmospheric Forest, immersive installation in Purvitis Prize Final Nominees exhibition, Latvian National Museum of Art, Riga, LV

2020, September 9 – Talk to Me performance, Forest Garden Greenhouse, live concert for Ars Electronica 2020 Kepler's Garden Program, Linz/Online

2020, From May 22 – Atmospheric Forest (2020), 360-video, online version / Critical Zones Exhibition Digital Platform, ZKM, Karlsruhe, Germany!/detail:atmospheric-forest

2020, July 19 - August 12 – Pond Battery (2015, video, 9:25 min) / From Matter to Data: Ecology of Infrastructures Screening Series, curated by Lukas Brasiskis and Inga Lace at Post MOMA website:

2020, January 25 - January 3 – Fluctuations of Microworlds. Swamp Radio” (2018-2020) / Agents for Change | Facing the Anthropocene, co-curated by Nina Czegledy and Jane Tingley, THEMUSEUM, Kitchener/Ontario, Canada.

2019, September 5 - present – Bacteria Time (2019), permanent exposition, Futurium museum, Berlin.

2019, June 1 - August 20 - “Talk to Me, human-plant communication”, installation at “Talk to Me” exhibition from Latvian Contemporary Art Museum's collection, Akureyri Art Museum, Iceland

2019, May 24 - October 20 – ”Biotricity”, installation, in Eco-Visionaries exhibition curated by Sabine Himmelsbach, Karin Ohlenschläger and Yvonne Volkart, LABoral Center for Art and Creative Industries, Gijon, ES

2019, March 22 - May 31 - “Fluctuations of Microworlds” installation in Purvitis Prize 2019 Nominee's Exhibition, the National Art Museum of Latvia, Riga, LV

2018, September 4-10 - “Swamp Radio Wireless” / “Error” exhibition of Ars Electronica 2018 Festival, Linz, AT

2018, August 28 - November 11 - “Fluctuations of Microworlds”, and “Swamp Radio VR” installations in “Eco-visionaries” exhibition, HeK, Basel, CH

2018, May 23 - November 25 - “Biotricity – Swamp Radio Laboratory”, in Swamp School, Lithuanian Pavilion, Venice Architecture Biennale, IT

2017, October 20 – 2018, August 5 – “Biotricity. Fluctuations of Microworlds” installation, Open Codes exhibition, curated by Peter Weibel, ZKM, Karlsruhe, DE

2017, August 12 – 20 – “Biotricity. Fluctuations of Microworlds” (2017) / Oslo Fjord Ecologies Experience exhibition, RAM Gallery, Oslo, Norway

2017, June 24 – August 5 –  “Talk to Me (FR)” installation by Smite & Smits, Echo Chamber exhibition, Gantner Multimedia Space, FR

2017, June 16 – July 27 – “Talk to Me (IE)”, Echo Chamber exhibition, Rua Red Gallery, Dublin, Ireland

2017, June 9 – August 31 – “Talk to Me (LV)” installation by Smite & Smits, Echo Chamber exhibition,  Luznava manner, Rezekne, LV

2016, September 29 – November 2 – ”Pond Battery. Fluctuations of Microworlds”, installation by Smite & Smits, Open Fields – RIXC Art Science Festival exhibition. The National Library of Latvia, Riga, Latvia

2016, June 4 – 6 – “Biotricity. Pond Battery”, D-Days – Paris Design Festival, Paris, FR

2015, November 5 - 7 – “Talk to Me”, at “Superconduction” exhibition, curated by Daria Parkhomenko, Doma Square 2, Riga, LV

2015, October 9 - November 22 - “Talk to Me. Exploring Human-Plant Communication” installation in “Data Drift” – RIXC Festival exhibition co-curated by Lev Manovich and RIXC / RIXC Art Science Festival, kim? Contemporary Art Center, Riga, LV

2015, October 7 – November 22 – “Pond Battery. Poetics of Green Energy” installation in exhibition “North. Transformative Ecologies”, RIXC Gallery, Riga, LV

2015, september 24 - October 24 - “Pond Battery” video installation, “Poetique de Flux” exhibition, Toulouse, FR

2015, August 19 –-30 – 3 artworks: “Biotricity – bacteria battery”, “Pond Battery. Poetics of Green Energy” and “Talk to Me. Human-plant communication”, exhibition “Transformative Ecologies”, Maison du Design (Design Gallery), Mons, BE

2015, March-July – “Biotricity – Bacteria Battery” art-science installation, “Green Room” exposition, Stockholm Technical Museum, SE

2014, November 14 – 2015, February 1 – “RT-32. Acoustic Space Lab” video installation. “Solar System Perspective” Exhibition, National Museum of Arts, Riga, LV

2014, May – August, __ “Biotricity 1,46 V” installation at the FIELDS exhibition, co-curated by Armin Medosch and RIXC, Arsenals Exhibition Hall of National Art Museum, Riga, LV

2013, June - 2014, May __ “Biotricity”, art-science research project and networked sound installation / “Synthetic Biology _ Projekt Genesis”, Ars Electronica Center, Linz, AT 

Conferences and Academic Activities (selected)


Academic Conferences (2015-2022):


2022, October 5, Presentation in Sensoria 2022: The Art and Science of Our Senses Symposium (Toronto)

2022, June 16 - Rasa Smite, Raitis Smits “Experiential Aesthetics. New Research Methodologies in Art and Science”, Keynote panel, the 2-nd International Conference of the Department of Doctoral Studies “Synergy Between Humanities and Natural Sciences in Cultural History and Theory”, 16–17 June 2022, Riga, The Latvian Academy of Art

2021, October 20 - Panel EPICP Conference, “Catching Up To The Present To Reimagine The Future” Panel, 17th EPIC - Ethnographic Praxis in Industry, Virtual Conference, San Jose, CA, USA

2020, May 6 - “Atmospheric Forest”, artist talk at Ecodata: Techniques Matter symposium, Basel Academy of Art and Design, Switzerland.

2018, November 29 - Rasa Smite, “Intelligent Ecosystems” in the conference panel “AI in Everyday Life”, hosted by Prof. Lev Manovich, in Graduate Center, CUNY, New York, US

2018, May 26 - “Ecodata”, symposium panel at Swamp Pavilion (curated by Nomeda and Gediminas Urbonas), Venice Architecture Biennale 2018.

2017, November 23-25 – ”Fields. Transformative Potential of Arts in the Age of Post-Media”, lecture (together with Raitis Smits), Media Art Histories 2017: Re-Trace conference, Krems/Gotwig/Vienna, Austria

2016, March – “Living Matter and Inter-Species Communication: Challenging Changing Materiality in Arts” lecture in BioArt Symposium, Stavanger, Norway

2015, November – “Renewable Futures. Building Techno-Ecological Perspective in Art and Science” lecture in bio-art & bio-science seminar “Get A-life”, Piksel festival, Bergen, Norway

2015, June – “Renewable Futures. Art and Science Join Forces in Building Techno-Ecological Perspective” in public seminar “BioArt. BioScience. BioHacking”, Tehniska Museet, Stockholm, Sweden

2015, September 20-22 – “Renewable Network and Techno-Ecological Art Practices” in academic symposium “Art, Ecology and New Media”, Toulouse University, France

2015, April – “Renewable Futures – Exploring Transformative Potential of Art in the Age of Post-Media” lecture in “Changing Institutions” conference, Oslo and Akershus University College, Norway

2015, April 26 – “Transformative Potential of the Arts. On crossovers of science and technology, social interaction and environmental innovation” lectures in Mons 2015 – European Cultural Capital conference “Crossovers: Culture and Technology”, Mons, Belgium


Keynote Lectures and Artist Talks (2013-2022):


2023, March 7, IAS, ZHDK, Zurich, Switzerland


2022, November 17, Artist Talk “Atmospheric Forest. Visualizing Relations between Forest and Climate”,  Green De-Growth Conference “Oikos”, Muffathalle, Munich, Germany

2022. October 3, Keynote Talk “Atmospheric Forest Research”, Climate Finance Workshop, Swiss Italian University, Lugano, Switzerland

2021. November 4-6, Keynote panel in “Renewable Futures: FELT - Living Technologies” conference, Oslo  Metropolitan University.

2021, October 14-15, Keynote talk, “Environmental Anthropology 2021: Hope, Ruination and Environmentalism” Conference, School of Humanities, Tallinn University, Estonia 

2021, September 16, Artist Talk in “Terrestrial University: Visualizing Forest Ecosystems”, ZKM, Karlsruhe.

2021, June 16 - Keynote in RISEBA International conference, Riga, Latvia

2021, June 14 - Keynote talk in AUGE | Augmented Europe, Creative Europea's project closing conference.f

2021, June 9- Keynote in Artistic Research Doctoral conference “Music in Crises and Crisis in Music”, Bergen, Norway

2021, January 26 - Keynote Talk in the Museum's conference “Real Virtualities”, Riga, Latvia

2020, October 8 – “Atmospheric Forest. Volatile emissions and resin experiments” at the Ecodata keynote panel together with Yvonne Volkart and Markus Maeder, Ecodata / RIXC Festival conference, The National Library of Latvia.

2019, May 10 – “Green Revisited and Intelligent Ecosystems”, public guest lecture, HfG University Karslruhe

2018, “Techno-Ecologies”, lecture in “LunchTalk” panel, at MIT ACT, Art, Culture and Technology program, Boston, US

2017, April 28 – “Hybrid Economies” (together with Kristin Bergaust and Lily Diaz) / “Economia”, the 2nd Renewable Futures conference, Natlab, Eindhoven, The Netherlands

2016, June 6-7 – “Creative Networks. From Internet Radio Experiments to Techno-Ecological Art Practices” / Arts in Context conference, Agder University, Norway, 

2016, January – “Renewable Futures. Ecological Perspective in Contemporary Media Art” invited guest lecture / public talk in Bauhaus University, Weimar, Germany
2015, November – “Renewable Futures and Techno-ecological Art Practices” / iWeek Conference, Liepaja University, Latvia

2015, September – “Fields. Techno-Ecological Art Practices” / “Cultural Heritage as a Resource” symposium, Serde Artist Residency Center, Aizpute, Latvia

2013, September – “Creative Networks. Shifts from Techno-Scientific to Techno-Ecological Paradigm” / “Synthesize!”,  international academic conference, Art and Design School (HGK), Basel, Switzerland


Academic Conferences – Organizational Boards:


2022, October 6-8, - Renewable Futures 2022: Splintered Realities, co-chair and organizer / RIXC Center for New Media Culture, Riga, Latvia.

2021, September 23-25 - Open Fields 2021: PostSensorium, co-chair and organizer / The National Library of Latvia, Riga, Latvia.

2020, October 8-10 – Open Fields 2020: Ecodata conference, co-chair and organizer / The National Library of Latvia, Riga, Latvia.

2019, July 4-7 – Open Fields 2019: Un/Green: Com/Post/Human, and N/AI” conference, co-chair and organizer, The National Art Museum of Latvia, Riga, Latvia

2019, May 15-16 - “Reality Turn” Conference, concept development and co-organizer, EUCIDA Digital Art Network, Luznava Manor, Rezekne, Latvia

2018, September 13-15, “Open Fields 2018: Global Control” conference co-chair and organizer, Riga, National Library of Latvia

2018, May 30 - June 1 – The 3rd RENEWABLE FUTURES conference: Hybrid Labs 2018, co-organizer, Aalto university, Helsinki, Finland 

2017, October, 19-21 – Open Fields 2017: Virtualities and Realities, co-chair and organizer / The Art Academy of Latvia and National Museum of Art, Riga, Latvia

2017, April 28-30 – The 2nd RENEWABLE FUTURES conference: Economia, co-organizer (together with Baltan), Natlab, Eindhoven, The Netherlands

2016, September 29-31 – Open Fields 2016, founder and co-chair of new Riga-based conference series on art and science research, the National Library of Latvia, Riga, Latvia

2015, October 8-10 – RENEWABLE FUTURES, founder and co-chair (together with Lev Manovich / Graduate Center of CUNY) of new traveling Baltic-Nordic-European conference series on digital art and artistic research, Stockholm School of Economics in Riga, and The National Library of Latvia.

2014, May 15-18 – RENEWABLE FUTURES: Fields, pre-conference edition, related to FIELDS exhibition, Arsenals Exhibition Hall of The National Art Museum and Goethe Institute - Riga, Liepaja University.

2013, October 8-12 – Media Art Histories 2013: RENEW, chair and organizer, Stockholm School of Economics, Riga, Latvia

2010, SLSA EU - The European Society for Literature, Science and Art, 5th conference, in Riga, Stockholm School Of Economics, organizational board.



Peer-reviewed articles:

Rasa Smite, Raitis Smits, “Art in the Age of Post-Media: Exploring Patterns for Social, Scientific and Ecological Transformations”, in: Acoustic Space 16: “Renewable Futures, Art and Science in Post-Media Society”, RIXC: Riga, 2018.

Smite, Rasa, Raitis Smits. “Save As? Rethinking Representation of New Media Art — From Source Code to Stage Production. In: Data Drift. Archiving Media and Data Art in the 21st Century, Acoustic Space (Vol. 14). Riga: RIXC; Liepaja: LiepU MPLab, 2015, pp. 21-28

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Smits Raitis (Author), Smite Rasa (Editor). Jauno mediju māksla – saglabāšana un reprezentācija (published in Latvian, based on Raitis Smits' PhD) (New media art – preservation and representation, English translation coming soon), Riga: RIXC, 2022.

Smite, Rasa, Raitis Smits, Martins Ratniks. Talk to Me. Exploring Human-Plant Communication. Rīga: RIXC, Liepaja: LiepU, 2014 

Smite, Rasa. Creative Networks, In the Rear-View Mirror of Eastern European History. Amsterdam: The Institute of Network Cultures, 2012

Smits, Raitis, Smite Rasa. We are on the Net, We are the Net. Riga: RIXC, Liepaja: LiepU, 2010 

Peer-reviewed journal & books (editor):

Smite, Rasa, Jens Hauser, Kristin Bergaust, Raitis Smits. (Eds./Authors) Green Revisited. Acoustic Space (Vol. 19) / Renewable Futures (Issue 4). Riga: RIXC, Oslo: OsloMET, Liepaja: Mplab, 2022.

Smite, Rasa, Bergaust, Kristin & Silina, Daina. Oslofjord Ecologies. Acoustic Space (Vol. 18) / Renewable Futures (Issue 3). Riga: RIXC; Oslo: OsloMET, 2020

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Smite, Rasa, Armin Medosch, Raitis Smits (Editors). Renewable Futures. Art, Science and Society in Post-Media Age, Acoustic Space (Vol. 16). Riga: RIXC; Liepaja: LiepU MPLab, 2017

Smite, Rasa, Armin Medosch, Raitis Smits (Editors). Open Fields. Art and Science Practices in the Network Society, Acoustic Space (Vol. 15)/ Renewable Futures (Issue 1).  Riga: RIXC; Liepaja: LiepU MPLab, 2016

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Smite, Rasa, Kerstin Mey, Raitis Smits (Editors). Art as Research, Acoustic Space (Vol. 9). Riga: RIXC; Liepaja: LiepU MPLab, 2011

Other publications (articles in journals and book contributions)

Smite, Rasa, Raitis Smits. Futurs Renouvelables. Potentiel de Transformation de l'art a l'ere post-media. In: MCD (Magazine de Cultures Digitales), #79, September, October, November 2015, pp.62-63 [French translation: Valerie Vivancos]

Smite, Rasa. Sustainable Networks. In: Clemens Apprich, Felix Stalder (Hg.) Vergessene Zukunft. Radikale Netzkulturen in Europa. Bielefeld: transcript, Verlag für Kommunikation, Kultur und soziale Praxis, 2012

Smite, Rasa, Raitis Smits. We are on the net – we are the Net. In: Astahovska, Ieva (Editor). The Nineties. Riga: Latvian Contemporary Arts Center, 2010

Awards, Nominations and Fellowships


2021 - “Falling Walls - Science Breakthrough 2021” Winner in Art and Science category, for “Atmospheric Forest”

2021 - Nomination (shortlisted) of the 5th Fifth International Public Art Award (IAPA) award 2021 by Shanghai Academy of Fine Arts, Shanghai University and two international journals - Public Art Review, and Public Art, for “Pond Battery”, and will be published in Case Studies.

2021 – ”Purvitis Prize 2021”,  Finalist Nomination (together with Raitis Smits) for the “Atmospheric Forest” VR  artwork at Critical Zones exhibition, Karlsruhe, Germany.

2019 – ”Purvitis Prize 2019”, Finalist Nomination (together with Raitis Smits) for the “Fluctuations of Microworlds. Swamp Radio” artwork at RIXC Gallery, Riga, Latvia

2017 – “Excellence in Culture” Award (together with Raitis Smits) by Latvian Ministry of Culture. 

2008 — Award in Culture of «Preis der Deutschen Wirtschaft in Lettland», nomination for RIXC festival «Art+Communication: Spectropia»

2003 — Leonardo-@rt Outsiders 2003 New Horizons Award (Paris, France) for Open Sky, together with Raitis Smits, radioqualia (New Zealand), curated by Ewen Chardroneet (France).

2002 — Nomination (long-list) for World Technology Awards (USA). 

1998 – Awarded with PRIX Ars Electronica 98 for Xchange — network project. 



English - fluent and proficient speaking, reading and writing (advanced level, C1)
German - speaking and reading, basic communication (basic level, A2, studying B1)
Latvian - Native


+371 67228478 (office)

+371 26546776 (Rasa Smite)