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RISK CHANGE is related to contemporary migrations and continuous social and cultural change in 21th Century the geopolitical focus on EU and neighboring countries.
RC aims to research, create, connect, compare, disseminate and promote contemporary interdisciplinary art related to science, especially social and applied sciences, and ICT. RC will highlight the importance of connectivity and interdisciplinary culture for multicultural integration in EU.
Implementation of new skills, knowledge and experiences through RC educational activities and audience development has an important role in RC, with the aim of confronting intolerance, stereotypes, prejudices and social fear. This will be achieved through on-going sharing with audiences throughout and after RC, active involvement of target groups and civil society, participatory art and integration of intangible cultural heritage to stimulate co-working/networking models supported by digital technologies.
Demonstrating the logic in the creation of new forms and new identities, art articulates the primary task of individual living in age of new technologies: the construction of a participatory future. RC defines the positive sides of co-existence and integrates archaic working with complex and sophisticated technology, by building co-working models to empower interdisciplinary research and production with different audiences.
This will lead to new interdisciplinary practices intended to help migrants integrate into communities and to be actively involved into interdisciplinary co-working processes, having access to multicultural community benefits.
RC reveals what is going on in contemporary environment and society and what can be achieved by sharing knowledge, opening closed scientific circles and isolated institutions, displaying complex problems to public and engaging audiences in many creative ways. RC aims at integration of cultural diversity as a ground for innovative art productions.

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ACE KIBLA, Maribor, Slovenia (project manager); ACAX/League of Independent Art Spaces, Budapest, Hungary; RIXC, Riga, Latvia; MMSU, Rijeka, Croatia; MSUV, Novi Sad, Serbia; ZINC, Marseilles, France; 7scenes, Amsterdam, Holland; FOPSIM, Zejtun, Malta; Department of Philosophy and History of Science, School of Science, University of Athens, Greece, The Mighty Creatives, Lester, Great Britain, and 26 associates.


+371 67228478 (office)

+371 26546776 (Rasa Smite)