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Biotricity is an art-science research that uses negotiations with living microorganisms for free electricity. Bacteria, who live in a mud, water sediment, waste, soil, inside of our bodies, that is, everywhere where they can 'eat' organic matter and where there is nearly no oxygen, release free electrons. For several years RIXC artists, together with scientists, have experimented with MFC (microbial fuel cells), the next generation biotechnology – monitoring bacterial activity in dark gallery spaces, organizing public DIY workshops on how to build 'bacteria batteries', and installing bio-energy 'power-stations' outdoors in ponds. In a result, the art installation was created, consisting of a double cell “bacteria battery” that interprets bacteria fuel generation process into live sound and image structures. Thus Biotricity is providing an aesthetic perspective on the interaction between nature and technology, ecological systems and electronic networks, human and micro-worlds.

It is Latvian mud that sings 

accordingly to the words by his excellency ambassador of Latvia in Sweden said during the opening Biotricity installation opening in Stockholm, April 2015, as a part of the programme of the Latvian Presidency of the Council of the EU.

Credits: RIXC – production; Rasa Smite and Raitis Smits – idea and artistic research concept, data visualizations; Voldemars Johansons – sound artist, sonifications; Janis Jankevics – video artist, video editing and live visualizations; Arturs Gruduls – biologist working with MFC, scientifc solutions; Solid State Physics Institute of Latvian University – partner, scientific solutions; Aigars Alnis – programmer, technical support; Art Research Lab of Liepaja University – partner, technical support.