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Talk to Me is an artistic inquiry into human and plant communication, exploring the relationships between nature and people, biological and social processes in particular. Scientists have nowadays performed various experiments in order to verify the old assumption that communicating with plants makes them grow better. RIXC artists developed a human-plant communication interface, through which people were asked to send encouraging messages to the growing plants, "equipped" with web-cam, wi-fi and loudspeakers.

Over 13000 messages were received during the two-year period of the human-plant communication experiment performed in various exhibitions in Tallinn, Basel, Riga and Ventspils. The content of collected messages now are mapped and analysed by most commonly used words, selected messages made audible, whereby the video made from web-cam images represents the growing conditions of the living plants in different locations. The future stage of the project includes building a self-sustainable human-plant communication device that is powered by "bacteria-battery", generating electricity from soil and water.

Credits: Rasa Smite and Raitis Smits – artistic concept, authors of the Talk to Me book, data analysing, mapping and visualizing; Martins Ratniks – video editing, design of the book, Davis Bojars – technical solutions, Kristine Briede – video documentation; Raitis Smits and Lauris Smits – sound track.