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From August 18 to September 4 in RIXC Gallery will take place Trihars exhibition RAM (Random Access Memories).

Audiovisual organism "Trihars" belongs to one of the most underground, yet the fastest emerging new media projects in Latvia for the last couple of years. And apart from being emerging the trinity (Rihards Vitols, Peters Riekstins, Kristaps Biters) are also showing a great potential at formatting a professional electronica drift – from experimental to glitch, from witch house to industrial, from ambient to IDM.

In this exhibiton artists will invite to think about human relationshiop with technologies, especially data saving, as well as nature interaction processes.

For example, Rihards Vītols work "Woodpecker" is an research about communication in a forest among birds, trees and insects. In exhibition RAM I will show the first part of the project Woodpecker where he is trying to find out if we can replace some of the bird species whit artificial ones to keep natural balance in a forest after birds extinction. Work is based on two science papers. One is talking about plant eating insect hearing the plants sound emissions and other talks about bird population decreasing and how that affect the insect population and what thus it means for the forest.

The exhibition will open on Thursday, August 18, 2016, at 19.00, in RIXC Gallery (11. novembra krastmala 35) and will remain on view until September 4, 2016. On opening night there is also going to be a performance at 20.00.

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