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On Friday, August 2, 17:00 in RIXC gallery (Riga) will be opened exhibition “Lost in code” by three new media artists - Ieva Viksne, Liga Velina and Milda Ziemane.

Although the works in exhibition are created in various forms of digital media, they are connected by the artists' common interest of algorithms and code - aesthetics of data, possibilities to create new art forms and culture transformation. The artists have studied new media art at University of Liepaja, gaining skills in work with the newest digital technologies and using them to create artworks which critically and in depth analyze the influence of technologies on art, culture and society.

In the exhibition “Lost in code” the main media forms used by the artist Ieva Viksne are virtual reality and brain waves reading technologies; the artist has created interface with which the visitor can navigate in the virtual environment, using the biometric data. The main art material employed by Liga Velina is data, which she used to create artistic and dynamic visualisations of the long term changes of Latvia's and world's population. However a means of artistic expression of the sound artist Milda Ziemane is artificially generated sound which is utilised in the creation of synthetic sound scenery, exploring the relationships between natural and synthetic, technologies and nature.

Artwork “SYNK IN” by Ieva Viksne explores biometric data - brain waves - reading devices as an interface in a virtual reality environment. The user has the opportunity to immerse in the depths of both the water and their own mind. Experiencing seeming control over the ongoing process, the user is given the chance to see what actual power they have over their mind and the flow.

Artwork “Borderlines I, II” by Liga Velina consists of two data visualizations representing opposed local and global population data. Basing on theory that  modern visual culture has tendency to visualize existence, artist through visual artistic expressions and hyperbolized probabilities reflects human as a fragment of big data  and explores how geographical defined boundaries changes if we change the rules. Author predicts when our countries map would disappear if everyone who migrates to another country or dies would take a little  part of map with him. Opposed global data shows how the world grows in high speed while our country slowly disappears.

Sound installation “Reversible” by Milda Ziemane is the creation of natural sounds that can survive in time and space. This work contrasts with Francisco López's work, "Hyper-Rainforest" which is on display at the “GREEN/UNGREEN” Exhibition at the Latvian National Museum of Art. The artist in his installation used sounds made from natural objects. On the other hand, Milda creates authentic sounds of natural objects that are not directly dependent on the stimuli created by fauna and flora, using both the SuperCollider computer program and analogue musical instruments. The visitor has the opportunity to immerse himself in the acoustic reality through his deep listening experience. The author emphasizes the global ecological issues related to global urbanization.

The artists not only have common interest in codes, but also recently have graduated from the Liepaja University with a BA in new media art.  Ieva Viksne (1990) is a new media artist, art project manager that currently resides in Liepaja and Riga. Graduated from the Liepaja University with a BA in new media art, University of Latvia with BA in history, ISSP school’s 2 year program in photography, photography course in Andrejs Grants studio. She works with virtual reality, photography, virtual pictures, video, creative coding, photogrammetry. Milda Ziemane (1994) is a new media artist (Liepaja/Riga), creator of several art projects. She has a Bachelor's and Master's degree in New Media Art from Liepaja University. She works with sound design, sound programming and  different types of sensors, participate in exhibitions and festivals in and outside of Latvia. Liga Velina (1990) has graduated from the Liepaja University in a BA programme of new media art, and this year she will start her Master's studies in Visual Communication branch of Academy of Art.

Curators of the exhibition are Rasa Smite and Raitis Smits.


The opening of the exhibition “Lost in code” - August 2, 2019, 17:00, in RIXC gallery Lenču iela 2. The exhibition is open until September 21, 2019.

Opening hours: from Monday until Saturday 12.00 – 18.00, closed on Sundays. Admission free.

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Opening hours: from Monday until Saturday 12.00 – 18.00, closed on Sundays. Admission free.


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