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The AUDITORY TERRAINS exhibition opening by the composers Agita Reke, Platons Buravickis and sound artist Krista Dintere will take place at the RIXC Gallery, Riga, Latvia, on Friday, June 28 at 18:00. Reminding us of the fragility and unpredictability of man and nature, the Auditory Terrains exhibition provides a sonic experience for leisurely and introspective observations and invites to focus on the conscious practice of listening through the senses of touch and hearing.

The AUDITORY TERRAINS exhibition, which will be on view at the RIXC Gallery from June 28 to August 24, 2024, consists of two sound installations. In the Fragility sound artwork by Agita Reķe, listening is synchronised with every step – by feeling the presence of nature, visitors are invited to touch and feel the sounds, creating an eight-channel sound composition. The installation reminds us of the fragility of nature and human beings, as well as of our perception, subconscious and intuition. Meanwhile, the sound compositions by Platons Buravickis and Krista Dintere, allow us to experience several sound spaces in one place. Hyperbolic. Horseshoe dynamic sound composition by Platons Buravickis invites us to think about the timeless yet so human concept of happiness, which is characterised by its elusiveness as well as continuity and omnipresence. However, Time Tram by Krista Dintere which explores the relationship between place, time and sound, is a tribute to the disappearing sounds in the environment and takes the listener to the soundscapes of Liepāja to explore how the replacement of obsolete technologies with new ones changes the sound of the urban environment.

The group exhibition is a collaboration with DirtyDealAudio, and all three artists' latest works seek to explore and define the spatial sound immersion capability, allowing the listener to travel to another – imagined, sensation-created space, whose acoustics and volume are determined by the artist. Sound recording technologies will be revealed in the artists' works as an extension of the limits of human audibility, and visitors will be invited to explore a world of augmented sensation from the perspective of the artists, as well as to develop a practice of conscious listening.

Platons Buravickis is an academic composer, pianist and improviser. His creative practice is devoted to composing both symphonic music and music for chamber ensembles, but electroacoustic music occupies a special place in his oeuvre. He works in the field of musique concrète, but also composes music based on sound synthesis, using computers as well as analogue synthesizers. He composes in several genres, from 19th century throwbacks such as operetta to techno improvisations and radical experiments combining acoustic instrumentation with generative or note-tracking modular algorithms.

Krista Dintere is an artist from Liepaja, Latvia working in between the fields of Sound Art, Experimental Composition, Media arts and creative research. Recently focusing on site-specific installations and soundscape compositions which try to reveal the relationship between factuality of field recordings and fictional sonic worlds created using artistic interpretation. She is a member of E-Lab Electronic Arts and Media Center. Since 2012 she has participated and her works have been presented in media art and sound art group exhibitions, projects and light festivals in Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Italy and Poland, including 'Staro Riga' lights festival in Riga, Art Research Lab MpLAB in Liepaja University, Lithuanian national pavilion in Venice Architecture Biennale and Art Laboratory Berlin.

Agita Reķe is an electroacoustic music composer, sound artist from Latvia. Currently focusing on electroacoustic and multimedia projects, working as a composer and performer. Notably worked also in the field of art performances. As a composer, have been collaborating with acoustic, contemporary music ensembles, like L’Ensemble Multilatérale (Paris), Fractales (Belgium), Names (Salzburg), Ensemble for New Music Tallinn (Tallinn), Latvian Radio choir (Riga), Sinfonietta Riga (Riga). As a performer, has been a member of an electroacoustic experimental project/group Systema Solaris (Riga), a participant in Venice Biennale Musica College as an experimental performer, and also today a member of electronic duo flowerpower.

The exhibition is on view at the RIXC Gallery, Lencu iela 2, Riga, Latvia, from June 28 to August 24, 2024, Wednesday-Saturday, 12:00-18:00. Free entry. RIXC provides free guided tours in Latvian and English for individuals and groups.

Contact us:, +371 67228478 (office), +371 28365323 (Lelde Gutmane, RIXC exhibition coordinator)

Supported by the Riga City Council, State Culture Capital Foundation of Latvia.


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