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Location: Technical Museum, Stockholm

Dates: April 10 - July 10, 2015

Opening hours: 10.00-17.00 Every day

Exhibition in National science and technology museum takes place from April to the end of July in Stockholm. Besides the exhibition, public lectures about art and science cooperation and workshops of RIXC artists will take place. Participants will be able to build their own bacteria battery and get to know it from two perspectives – scientistic and artistic. Also they were introduced with data sonification and visualization processes of Biotricity.

Biotricity sonifies the process of generating electricity from bacteria living in pond and lake, or in common, everyday waste water.

Project “Biotricity” idea authors are RIXC artists Rasa Šmite and Raitis Šmits, couple of years ago started cooperation with new scientists from Institute of Solid State Physics Institute, University of Latvia and biologist Artūrs Gruduls and took experiments with “microbe fuel” or MCF (micro-bial fuel cell) technology by testing work of these bacterias in different environments.


+371 67228478 (office)

+371 26546776 (Rasa Smite)