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"Our civilization is inevitably getting closer to the technological singularity – for a large part of society, this connects with apocalypse and the end of the world as we know it. When confronted with this scenario, we most often choose one of two action models – to solve the situation or hide in our comfort zone. Visitors will have the opportunity to experience artworks that will bring them in newly created realities, which will reflect on future visions, which are actually much closer than we might think.
Young artists through the elements of the game, the virtual environment and the alternative views of reality, offer shelter and, at the same time, contemplate the existing physical reality and our interaction with it. The use of virtual reality and the immersive environment highlights the question of whether the virtual environment can become an answer to our emotional needs?" Ieva Vīksne

Justīne Grinberga. SUB ROSA (2018)
Animation, installation
The Latin phrase sub rosa means "under the rose", and is used to denote secrecy or confidentiality. In the video installation, the “sub rosa” viewer enters an isolated virtual environment created to escape reality. A place in the consciousness where you are able to fight with your demons and secrets which are hidden under the rose blossom. A place to be alone and truly open.

Kaspars Lēvalds. HUMAN + (2018)
Virtual Reality
In a distant future, where our society is influenced and led by mega-corporations, science has allowed humanity to enter the transhumanism era. Thanks to the new inventions and discoveries of cybernetics and human augmentation, humanity has been able to move the human mind and place it in supercomputers. The Human + artwork offers a look at the “h+c” center of a fictional company, where people would have the opportunity to choose whether to move their minds to a digital environment or transfer them to a new, more stable cyber body. Thus urging us to think about the relationship of the human consciousness and body, and giving up the rights to our minds and identities in favor of large corporations.

Līga Vēliņa. STILL LIFE (2018)
Virtual Reality
Surreal and virtual environment in which the user is exposed to a new experience by moving and discovering symbols and objects that reflect artifacts and pieces of the author's unconsciousness. The work is based on the abstract surrealism aesthetics, in which the characteristics are achieved through the means of cubism and abstraction.

Paula Ostupe. SOLUTION (2018)
Virtual Reality
Contamination. Irreparable damage.
Ecosystem. The only thing that keeps us alive.

Ieva Vīksne. TRANSITION (2018)
Virtual Reality
It is in human nature to reflect on one's life, its meaning and what happens after the end of life. Religions offer their own vision of the fate of humans (consciousness or soul) after death, but in the future, when technologies turn from tools to dominant forces, artificially created systems may replace existing laws of nature. We will be transferred as data to other types of storage. Recycled consciousness.

Paula Ostupe, Kaspars Lēvalds, Ieva Vīksne. MUSEUM OF APOCALYPSE (2018)
Virtual Reality
What will stay after us, when we reach the end of the known world, more importantly, what will it tell about us to the future generations? The collection of our sins, agony, and insults, the artifacts of our lost hope gathered at the Museum of Apocalypse. A virtual environment created in the photogrammetry technique that allows us to experience our self-made apocalypse.

Justīne Grinberga, Kaspars Lēvalds, Līga Vēliņa, Paula Ostupe, Ieva Vīksne are studying at the programme of New Media Art, in Liepaja University.


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