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From December 13, 2019 the exhibition “Reference Metadata” by Gustavs Lociks is open in RIXC gallery.

The exhibition ‘’Reference Metadata’’ consists of large print artworks and audio installation by new media artist Gustavs Lociks. Using various artificial intelligence tools which are based on neural networks, artist, through his works, explores and depicts the alienation of commercial culture in the thickets of information.

If the idea of technologically-driven global and geographically unlimited communication previously led to the dream of an unified utopian future, then now it has come to a dystopian reality, where a person is in the middle of a battle between information and misinformation, present and past, sneaking in between pseudo-autonomous algorithmic statistics called artificial intelligence.

Influenced by modern technology and technological efforts to mimic biological systems, artificial intelligence has been endowed with the talent to recognize and imitate various existing data patterns. “AI” for some time is not only a scientific research tool but has also entered the consumer culture - not only as a commercial product, but also as a "free service" for a consumption convenience. (such as Youtube video recommendations or AdSense by the tech giant Google)

Audio installation Intermission plays back a generated sound from ad audio tracks created by artificial Intelligence. The WaveGAN model modified by MIT researcher Yue Ou, designed primarily for continuous generations of natural sounds, has been used as the basis for artificial intelligence. Visual work series Dissociative Paradigms I - IV / Dissociative Paradigms I - IV, is created using web archives of images found by the author, as symbols of compositions that were further passed through artificial intelligence processing tools, that can enlarge images by adding missing details.

Gustavs Lociks is a new media artist from Liepaja, who has graduated from the new Media Art study program at Liepaja University and is interested in the specifics of manipulation and synthesis of various visual and audio media content. The artist often uses a variety of software tools to create abstract textures and digital landscapes for his work. Currently in his works artist is focusing on researching the potential of Artificial Neural Network (ANN) in the creative industry.

The exhibition is open to visitors until February 1, 2020.

Supported by State Culture Capital Foundation of Latvia, Riga City Council, the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Latvia, MPLAB


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