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The installation will be exhibited at the Van Abbe Musem and in the river next to the museum. The place is included in festival art road passing the Dommel river.

Pond Radio installation consists of microbial fuel cells that generates electricity from the bacteria living in the mud. Bio-electricity generation process is interpreted into live sound and image structures, providing an esthetic perspective whereby making audible and visible the invisible activity in a river.

Pond Radio is a continuation of Biotricity art science research project by RIXC. Welcome to watch a time-lapse video of a Pond Battery version in the Botanical Garden of University of Latvia in Riga click here >>>.

VENUE: Van Abbe Museum for Modern and Contemporary Art, Eindhoven, The Netherlands
OPENING: May 22, 2016; open until June 5, 2016.
The installation is part of the 'Muziek van de Dommel' festival.

Smite & Smits are artists, researchers and cultural innovators, working with science and emerging media since mid 90s. They are key founders of RIXC – Riga based center for new media culture in Riga, curators and organizers of its annual festivals (since 1996), and chief-editors of the Acoustic Space publication series.


+371 67228478 (office)

+371 26546776 (Rasa Smite)