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RIXC virtual gallery's exhibition section

Artist and curator Raitis Smits will guide an immersive excursion on the new RIXC virtual art platform in Zoom on February 5th from 13.00 to 13.40. The participants will have an opportunity to take a digital walk, discovering the exhibitions of RIXC Gallery and RIXC Art and Science Festival, listening to the interviews with exhibition artists, exploring 360-degree video tours, and digitally experiencing other RIXC events and projects in a time when the opportunities to visit the events in physical space is limited.

The curator of the virtual platform - Raitis Smits - will tell more about what kind of artworks and exhibitions, as well as opportunities and sections are available on the new platform, during the immersive excursion. “Immersive excursions” is the RIXC’s new, innovative platform of digital culture, whose aim is, considering the unstable situation due to the Covid-19 restrictions, to ensure the continuity of the creative processes and to make the most relevant contents of the contemporary media art (newest exhibitions, new and older artworks, the performance premieres, etc) more accessible to the general public.

The platform offers “immersive excursions” in the digital environment and in the multimedia form to the internet and smartphone users, such as 360° videos featuring curator guided exhibition tours, video interviews and discussions with exhibition and residency artists about theirs artworks, online multimedia versions of newly created artworks, as well as video and photo documentation and archives of artworks, exhibitions and events created so far.

The Noise Technocracy sound artwork by Ivo Taurions in the section of RIXC digital gallery

The main feature that differentiates this platform from the usual homepages of culture centers (including is that these webpages are usually only informative - they mainly inform about the events and their program. However, the main function of the “Immersive excursions” platform is to offer the content of these events themselves - multimedia reportages, discussions with curators and artists, online artworks, etc.- as well as to invite the viewer to the dialogue using social media.

Hence, the aim of the “Immersive excursions” platform is to ensure the availability of contemporary art and to give an in-depth (and more explanatory) insight into the artwork creation process, as well as develop the platform’s potential to grow into such a digital tool where the artworks are available online. Simultaneously, this platform will develop a more multifaceted contemporary media art experience as the artworks will be shown both from the conceptional perspective and from the curators' viewpoint, as well as from the point of view of the artists themselves and from the perspective of audience involvement, as the artworks will be transformed into immersive multimedia versions (360-video, AR/VR), inviting the public to get involved in experiencing these artworks and sharing this experience.


The “Immersive excursions” platform:


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