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RIXC Center for New Media Culture offers an unique opportunity to participate in an online ideathon that has been created as a part of international project AugE, in which participants will be able to share ideas about how the youth can use social media in order to network and create and promote startups. The “Creative Opportunities for Youth – The New Age of Startups & Social Media” ideathon is created by MADE Group in Thessaloniki,Greece. Every participant will be able to obtain a participation certificate from RIXC!

Sign up here  by April 16th, 18:00 and participate in the ideathon on the 17th of April starting from 13:00 (Riga time)!


What is Augmented Europe (AugE)?

Augmented Europe (AugE) is a joint project of 4 European organisations who want to foster a stronger European sense of community, through a series of events on prototyping new ideas, solutions and innovative policies on social inclusion (MEET – Milan, November 2020), intercultural understanding (Public Art Lab -Berlin, December 2020), nature and climate change (RIXC – Riga, March 2021) and new models of employment, creativity and entrepreneurship (MADE – Thessaloniki, April 2021). AugE is funded by the Europe for Citizens programme.


The Thessaloniki ideathon will take place online, on April 17h, from 13:00. MADE Group organizes the Creative Opportunities for Youth – The New Age of Startups & Social Media ideathon and aims to raise awareness and create an open dialogue about the inter-connection of creativity and innovation, creative tools, entrepreneurship and startup spirit with young people. Also, through the Thessaloniki Ideathon, MADE seeks new ways of motivating – young people, enhancing at the same time their digital and communication skills. Moreover, the Thessaloniki Ideathon project focuses on providing networking opportunities to young people, in order to exchange ideas about using new technologies and especially Social Media as a tool for creating employment and startup / business opportunities.

Europe and the whole world are facing an unprecedented health crisis, which is affecting all forms of activities and relationships. Economies on global scale are fighting to avoid long lasting depression. Unemployment is on the rise and youth employment might be negatively affected too.

The importance of creative industries, creative tools, new technologies and synergies is at an all-time high. Our Ideathon will try to share interesting case-studies relating to youth employability, opportunities, and job creation (how a talent / hobby can turn into a business, focus on inspiration for self-motivation, self-development, leadership skills etc). MADE, through the AUGE project, desires to offer a positive environment for young people, where creativity and openness and freedom of expression may become a changing force for them, a triggering event for their progress. Today’s youth all over the EU are facing similar difficulties and challenges after all.


Thessaloniki Ideathon Agenda and Program (Latvia and Greece time - EET time zone)

MADE AugE team leader:
Vassilis Tsoulis

MADE AugE Ideathon Facilitators:
Konstantinidou Haroula
Liouta Valeria
Panagiotidou Katerina
Pouloutidou Christina

13:00 – 13:15 Welcome from all AugE partners

13:15 – 14:30 Fireside chats with the Creatives!

Fireside chat with Souzana Theodoridou,
Start Up Program Manager at Microsoft, Co-Founder & Managing Director of Grekaddict, Co-Founder of SEO Copywriting Agency. Souzana is a passionate, tireless entrepreneur with a seemingly endless fund of creative and innovative ideas.

Fireside chat with Lucy Xu,
Founder & CEO of The Port, an international marketing and business consultancy, enabling startups in Greece and similar emerging tech markets to realize their highest potential, by exploring a unique thesis on the potential for innovation, cooperation, and expansion that exists across ecosystems.

Fireside chat with Dimitris Dimitriadis,
Digital Futurist. We will be discussing with Dimitris how exponential technologies shape the way we communicate and tell stories now and in the future.

14:30 – 15:45 Parallel Workshops and Ideathon – discussions by all participants

Workshop I
What Every Founder Should Know About Marketing
Lucy Xu, The Port, Founder & CEO

This workshop will feature best practices derived from Lucy’s work and experience with startups in emerging tech markets across the world. In this workshop, we will be presenting marketing and sales tools for founders and teams to transform ideas into businesses.

Here’s a walk through of some areas the workshop will touch upon:
● How to bring your idea to life with the foundational Business Model Canvas,
● How to create robust Buyer Personas and use them to effectively target customers,
● How to craft a sales process to reach international prospects, and
● General tips for communicating and conducting business on a global scale, especially in our location-agnostic era.

Bring your ideas, business plans, and questions!


Workshop II
How to start today your personal brand on social media
Dimitris Dimitriadis, Digital Futurist

Everyday stories from ordinary people, that make a dent in the universe of social media. Have your smartphone and tablets ready for action!


Workshop III
Creating innovative entrepreneurial models
Dr. Naoum Mylonas, Assistant Professor, Department of Tourism, Ionian University

The scope of the workshop is to develop the entrepreneurial culture, elementary knowledge, and skills. During the first phase, the workshop will introduce several issues about entrepreneurship, the main characteristics of entrepreneurs and the fundamental terms of creativity and innovation. During the second phase, the workshop will address appropriate tools needed to develop entrepreneurship and business innovation; case studies will also be provided to connect with the current startup & business reality.

Dr. Mylonas’ research and teaching are focused mainly on entrepreneurial networks, entrepreneurial personality and behavior, gender issues, and the creative industries.

15:45 – 16:15 Final presentation of the ideas discussed at workshops – Ideathon Closing


Register by April 16th, 18:00:

● Participation in the online event is for free

● The event will be in English


AUGE project is co-funded by the Europe for Citizens Programme of the European Union. The leader of the project: MEET / Milan - IT, partners: Public Art Lab / Berlin - DE; RIXC / Riga - LV; MADE Group / Thessaloniki - GR.

Contacts: ; +371 25358541 (Līva Siliņa, ideathon facilitator)


+371 67228478 (office)

+371 26546776 (Rasa Smite)