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The 5th International Renewable Futures Conference and Deep Europe Symposium
October 6 – 8, 2022, Riga (Hybrid and Virtual)

The SPLINTERED REALITIES Conference will be structured into a three-day program, with each “Splinter Session” focusing on a different area or field, identifying the key “splinters” and discussing how to make tentative steps towards reconstituting our realities, everyday lives, and communication with each other, now and into the future. 

Day 1. Thursday, October 6, 14.00-20.30
Splinter Session 01: Deep Europe – “in the rear-view mirror of history” 

[Splinter Session 01: Deep Europe] on Day 1 (6 Oct) – “in the rear-view mirror of history” – will focus on the current situation in Europe, with a focus on the Baltics and Central and Eastern Europe, discussing and evaluating the “splinters” from the perspective of the past. Day 1 will feature the “Syndicate Meeting”, and artist presentations hosted by MPLab in Liepaja, which will be European Capital of Culture in 2027.

The “Syndicate” was an extended, informal network of artists and cultural practitioners based in Europe and beyond, that was active in the second half of the 1990s. Besides its online mailing list, the participants organised meetings for amicable encounters and professional exchange. We want to revive this format and again hold a Syndicate Meeting under the label of “Deep Europe”, a notion that does not refer to a particular territory, but to the awareness that identities and histories are always layered and entangled, a messy formation that cannot be ‘cleared up’, but that should rather be cherished and cultivated – in Europe, and elsewhere.

Session 01 curators: Andreas Broeckmann and Rasa Smite.

Topics: Deep Europe, Entangled Histories, Cultivated Futures, New Ecosophies, Extended Realities



Thursday, October 6, 2022 
Day 1: Deep Europe Symposium

9:00–11:00 Deep Europe: Syndicate Breakfast (informal onsite gathering)

Location: Cafe/Restaurant “Buberts”, Dzirnavu iela 15

10:45–12.15 Featured Lecture (for students only)

Geert LOVINK: Stuck on the Platform, Reclaiming the Internet (multimedia presentation on his new book)
Location: Riga Stradins University

13:00–14:00  Registration, coffee, welcome
Location: RIXC Gallery, Lencu iela 2


Rasa SMITE / Luchezar BOYADJIEV / Miklos PETERNAK / Sally Jane NORMAN /Melentie PANDILOVSKI
Location: Zoom / RIXC Gallery

(each 15 min presentation + 5-10 min conversation; times are approximate and depend on the flow of the conversation; presentations via Zoom, projected in the RIXC gallery and symposium space) 

14:00  Rasa SMITE: Introduction "Deep Europe" 

14:15 Luchezar BOYADJIEV: “Overlapping Identities Revisited or “The Greatest Love of My Life was a non-human'" 

14:40  Miklos PETERNAK: "omnipresence or omnivoyance? the dialectics of vision(s) in the real and rear world." 

15:05  Sally Jane NORMAN: “Syndicate goals and contexts then and now: spatial and temporal links and gaps" 

15:30 Melentie PANDILOVSKI: “The European Continent at a Turning Point: Principles and Practises of Inclusion vs Exclusion”

+ online, w/o presentation: Olia LIALINA, Janos SUGAR, Iliyana NEDKOVA 

16:00–16:30 Coffee Break (with sweet snacks)

16:30–18:10 Deep Europe: ONSITE SESSION (Part 1)
Nina CZEGLEDY / Kathy Rae HUFFMAN / Ryszard W. KLUSZCZYNSKI / Violeta Vojvodic BALAZ Location: RIXC Gallery / Zoom

16:30  Nina CZEGLEDY: “Beyond the walled borders”

16:55  Kathy Rae HUFFMAN:  “About networking in, before and after the 90s”

17:20  Ryszard W. KLUSZCZYNSKI: “Syndicate and the so called “East European art” concept”

17:45  Violeta Vojvodic BALAZ: “The Seminar 'Moral and Mythology in Contemporary Art' (Novi Sad, 1995) in the conjuncture of New Europe (1989-2022)”

18:10–18:30  Break (with sandwiches)  

18:30–20:15 Deep Europe: ONSITE SESSION (Part 2)
Location: RIXC Gallery / Zoom

18:30  Raivo KELOMEES: “Collisions on the Eastern-Western Art Axis: The Domestication of Eastern Europe as „Close Other“ in the 1990s”

18:50  Diana KNĚŽÍNKOVÁ: "In-between peripheral: Latvian artists of the Millennial generation versus the phenomenon of Post-Soviet nostalgia" 

19:10  Geert LOVINK: "From SCCA to Ukraine Support Campaigns: Unfinished Histories" 

19:30  Stephen KOVATS: "Deeper than Fake"  

19:50  Andreas BROECKMANN: "Three revisits to Deep Europe"
+ present, w/o presentation: Calin DAN, Katarina ZIVANOVIC



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