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Juan Duarte. Photo: Didzis Grodzs

RIXC is happy to announce that the call for the first RIXC Art, Science & Techo-Ecologies Residency is closed with the selection of residency artist Juan Duart (Finland)! The call is still open for the fully funded second and third residencies until January 15, 2023 & October 15, 2023!

The first residency artist, Juan Duarte, is Mexican artist based in Finland, who works with environmental sound to explore sensing in-between nature and technology. His work deals with developing methods for augmented listening, which combine machine learning with remote sensing, in order to explore how computers could deep-listen to expand human sensorium.

At the RIXC residency, Juan Duarte aims to redefine human and machine listening from a manifold worldview. He will attempt to sense the atmosphere from a “deep time” perspective, looking into tools, methods, and objects for sense, not only by technological or embodied means, but also including the meanings and knowledge implied in the atmospheric ontologies. A deep understanding of atmospheric events and processes involves experimentation across a wide range of sensing registers, and recognizing patterns from diverse registers: oxygen composition, wind orientation, temperature, and electromagnetism. In the result, using machine learning to elucidate correlations from sensor registers, while considering ancient knowledge about the atmosphere, he will create a sound artwork titled A Sign in Space and perform sound data-based compositions based on deep sensing the atmosphere.

RIXC Center for New Media Culture has received mobility funding from the Nordic-Baltic Mobility Programme for Culture to establish RIXC Art Science Residencies.


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