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The UPDATE festival takes place in a hybrid format - in Liepaja, in Liepaja University Art Research Lab (MPLab,, and online from November 21 until 26. Participation in the festival is free, with prior registration; there is a limited number of in-person participants, and unlimited number of online participants. The events of the festival are mainly held in English. Program and registration on the festival website:

The festival program is divided into 3 parts:

×         workshops,

×         masterclasses,

×         networking events and discussions.


Why participate?

The festival offers an opportunity to learn technical, practical and conceptual skills in a very short time and for free. The purpose of the festival is to give an opportunity to those interested in art, design and IT, students, and professionals to update their portfolios and CVs with unique, modern knowledge and skills required in the future labour market.

Who can apply?

Anyone interested, regardless of previous knowledge or education, who has the motivation to delve into digital tools, hardware, and software, is invited to apply. Participation in the festival is free. Participants can join the festival in person in Liepaja or online. Participants should note that international guests and experts are participating in the festival, so the festival will be held in English.

Highlights of the program

Participants can apply to any of 8 workshops, each of which offers a different approach and focus on a specific technology, media, or digital process. Workshops are offered on such topics as artificial intelligence and generative visual performances (SuperCollider,, 360-degree video, prototyping and automation (Raspberry Pi), binaural audio, and experimental photography. The program also includes 2 conceptual creative workshops which explore the heritage, present and future of Liepaja.

Workshops take place from Monday to Thursday, from 11AM to 15PM (local time in Liepaja).

A special workshop on climate change and ecology will be held all day on Friday; in this workshop, participants, will create conceptual, social, and political ideas and plans, looking at both local and international contexts; participants will work together with bio-artists and environmental researchers and activists.

Within the framework of the festival, 4 masterclasses will be held on such topics as: interactive performances (TouchDesigner), use of artificial intelligence in art, Raspberry Pi camera, bio arts and experimental methods in research.

Masterclasses take place from Monday to Thursday, every day from 5 PM to 7 PM (local time in Liepaja). Each masterclass takes place for one to two evenings.

During the week there will be meetings and discussions of the digital and media artist community on various topics. On Thursday from 2 PM (local time in Liepaja), there will be a networking event where the participants will promote their activities and opportunities offered to the public and the community. On Saturday, as part of the opening of the festival exhibition, there will be presentations of the results of workshops and masterclasses, creative workshops for families with children and discussions on globally relevant topics such as technologies in the garden and food growing, permaculture, resource use and sustainability. If you have something you want to share, present, or promote, don’t hesitate to get in touch and join the events.

Additional information, full program and descriptions of workshops and master classes available on the website:

Get in touch: Maija Demitere (, 29948430).

UPDATE is organized by ASTE, a collective of media artists based in Liepaja and Liepaja University Art Research Lab (MPLab). ASTE activities in 2022 are supported by Liepaja Municipality support for NGO’s and State Culture Capital Foundation of Latvia (VKKF) support for NGO’s. UPDATE is created with the support of Liepaja Municipality, Liepaja City Municipality institution “Culture Department”, Kurzeme Planning Region, State Culture Capital Foundation of Latvia (VKKF), Liepaja University and RIXC. UPDATE events are created as part of the EIT Community New European Bauhaus project “Growing Food in Liepaja” and is supported by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT), a body of the European Union.


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