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RIXC is happy to announce that the artist Juan Duarte (Finland) will create his new artwork at the RIXC Nordic-Baltic residency from April 25 to June 30, 2023!

At the RIXC residency the artist will create his new artwork titled Augury: Hybrid listening and atmospheric attunement. A generative media installation inspired by ancient meteorology and modern methods of sensing the weather to extend our perception of atmospheric processes. Sensor station data is used to drive an interactive composition that is controlled with interfaces that reflect on divinatory practices of predicting weather and time.

Juan Duarte is Mexican artist based in Finland, who works with environmental sound to explore sensing in-between nature and technology. His work deals with developing methods for augmented listening, which combine machine learning with remote sensing, in order to explore how computers could deep-listen to expand human sensorium.


RIXC Center for New Media Culture has received mobility funding from the Nordic-Baltic Mobility Programme for Culture to establish RIXC Art Science Residencies


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