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The exhibition invites visitors to explore the link between Romantic and contemporary ideas about the forest, especially in the light of the current ecological crisis. In this exhibition at Sinclair House Museum, contemporary art engages in fascinating dialogues with works from the Romantic era. Some of the contemporary artworks are based on research findings, thus creating a bridge between science and art.

This is also the case with the immersive artwork Atmospheric Forest (2020), in which artists Rasa Šmite and Raitis Šmits visualise the fragrant emissions from the Pfynwald, an ancient Alpine forest suffering from drought due to climate change; Atmospheric Forest is the result of the SNSF-funded HGK FHNW research project Ecodata-Ecomedy-Ecoaesthetics (2017-2020) and a collaboration with Swiss scientists from the WSL Institute.

Curator Museum Sinclair-Haus: Kathrin Meyer

Overall curatorial management/framework concept: Nicola Lepp


Yann Arthus-Bertrand, Julius von Bismarck, Carl Blechen, Zheng Bo, Ellie Davies, Heinrich Dreber, Jasper Goodall, Theodor Hagen, Wilhelm Klein, Carl Friedrich Lessing, Agnes Meyer-Brandis, Beth Moon, Loredana Nemes, Mariele Neudecker, Sophie Reuter, Abel Rodriguez, Johann Wilhelm Schirmer, Rasa Smite & Raitis Smits, Thomas Struth, Thomas Wrede etc.



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